Welcome to Infinite Arms! We are a no word count, character driven, AU Marauder Era roleplay set in November 1980. No one is safe and no one side can claim to be innocent. The Dark Lord has recruited many to his cause, creatures of all types have been attacking citizens and with each passing month the murders and disappearances have increased. Albus Dumbledore is fighting back. He has recruited a select group of talented young witches and wizards to fight against the darkness that threatens the world--but will they be able to resist succumbing to darkness themselves?
November 1980
Much Snow. Very Blizzard.
Full Moon: Saturday 22

The beans cookies this month are Chocolate Chip and Madeleine. Can you earn them both?

Following a chilly Halloween, November has landed with some decidedly harsh weather. Winter is here early and it looks like it is going to stay. With unusually heavy snows buffeting the isles, life has slowed to a crawl. It is all anyone can do to keep warm, and it is even worse for those without a home as the Hogsmeade refugees at Hogwarts still can’t go home—and how can the town hope to be rebuilt when it is buried in snow? Of course things must get done, but what sort of mischief can our enemies get up to when everyone is hiding inside?

Last but not least, here are some prompts for this month!


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 Posted: Aug 18 2014, 09:52 AM
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These mended bones The storms approach Ever so slowly Out on the sea.
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member groups

We have quite a few member groups on Infinite Arms, fromo the Order of the Phoenix to Death Eaters to Ministry workers and Quidditch players. Below is a brief rundown of the member groups we currently have in play.

DEATH EATER Those who have taken the oath to serve Lord Voldemort will be sorted into this group. Loyalists are not considered ‘Death Eaters’ they must actively be working in the service of the Dark Lord and have made a promise to him. Of course, you can still be loyal to him and not be called a Death Eater! He appreciates having friends and allies!

ORDER The Order of the Phoenix are those people who have taken up arms to fight against the Death Eater threat. At this time we are only accepting canon members of the Order—be it first or second war. We may open this up in the future.

MINISTRY Ministry includes those people who find their employment at the Ministry of Magic and so find loyalty to the current government of the wizarding world.

CITIZEN Citizens are not particularly aligned to any group, their loyalty may be to any cause but they haven’t made a firm decision to throw in with one group or another as ‘soldiers’ for whatever reason. Or they may be staying out of the fight entirely. Regardless they are citizens of the wizarding world.

PRESS This group is for those people who are reporting on the events of what is happening in the wizarding world. This group is also encouraged to participate in adding to the Daily Prophet offerings, with articles and reports!

DOUBLE AGENT These are a bit complicated. Double agents have loyalty to one cause but are pretending to be loyal to another. Or they may have loyalty to none. They could be imperiused into acting this way. It could be Ministry/Death Eater or Death Eater/Order, Order/Werewolves . . . the list goes on.

ST. MUNGO'S Employees of St. Mungo's. The Healers, support staff and anyone associated with the hospital.

QUIDDITCH Professional Quidditch players. This does not include the support staff, just the players themselves.

GHOST Deceased individuals who are ghosts and like Peeves just don't want to leave.

DECEASED Characters that have been killed in play.

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