Welcome to Infinite Arms! We are a no word count, character driven, AU Marauder Era roleplay set in November 1980. No one is safe and no one side can claim to be innocent. The Dark Lord has recruited many to his cause, creatures of all types have been attacking citizens and with each passing month the murders and disappearances have increased. Albus Dumbledore is fighting back. He has recruited a select group of talented young witches and wizards to fight against the darkness that threatens the world--but will they be able to resist succumbing to darkness themselves?
November 1980
Much Snow. Very Blizzard.
Full Moon: Saturday 22

The beans cookies this month are Chocolate Chip and Madeleine. Can you earn them both?

Following a chilly Halloween, November has landed with some decidedly harsh weather. Winter is here early and it looks like it is going to stay. With unusually heavy snows buffeting the isles, life has slowed to a crawl. It is all anyone can do to keep warm, and it is even worse for those without a home as the Hogsmeade refugees at Hogwarts still can’t go home—and how can the town hope to be rebuilt when it is buried in snow? Of course things must get done, but what sort of mischief can our enemies get up to when everyone is hiding inside?

Last but not least, here are some prompts for this month!


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This is our official timeline, of events that have happened on the board and we need you to help us build it! With that in mind, if you have something you’d like to add to the timeline, post here and let us know with WHEN, WHAT happened and WHO was involved.

If you're particularly curious about how the war's developing, you're free to look at the Order and the Death Eater timeline.


[url=link to thread]title here[/url] - Characters/short blurb<p>


1975 - Order of the Phoenix is founded.

January 1978 - On the train back to Hogwarts Death Eaters attack and kidnap six students. All six have parents who work at the Ministry of Magic. They are returned several months later—all but one is alive.

March 1978 - At a party in the woods between Hogwarts and Hogsmeade young Death Eaters, ordered to prove themselves worthy of the name, attack their peers resulting in grave injuries to many students.


PRESSURE COOKER - Remus accepts a mission from Dumbledore to go to Scotland and infiltrate a werewolf pack. He has to leave the Marauders, Sirius takes it badly.

...SOMETHING STUPID - Maeve is left with Caradoc who has been dosed with Veritaserum. He is honest for once.

WITH SO LITTLE TO BE SURE OF - Victoria Greengrass finds Snape in a muggle bookshop and points out the error of leaving the Death Eaters. She threatens to harm his ex girlfriend Tuesday unless he joins up, he reluctantly agrees.

SIX INCHES DEEP IN MUD - Tuesday Scamander visits the flat of Malachi Nott and finds Remiel there instead. While waiting she makes him tea and they start to get to know one another.

RED. - Rodolphus takes Evan out for dinner . . .

MORNING STARSHINE. - Domestic bliss . . . or something like that. Dorcas and Gideon have breakfast.


TAKE TO THE STREETS - Riot in Hogsmeade when a shop owner puts up a sign denying service to muggleborns. The shipowner, Victor Vaisey, is later found dead.

FORGET ME NOT - Dorcas stands Gideon up on a date. They have a fight about it.

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE - Following a chase through a West End hotel, Augustin Toussaint and Rufus Scrimgeour take the French national, Bontecou, into custody who has been wanted for the murder of an auror for over a decade.

HOWL - Remus makes contact with the werewolves in Scotland and they are not quite what he expected.

WALK WITH ME - Victoria waits for the perfect moment to take an 'impromtu' walk with Lorcan Connolly. "Why sir, I didn't know you'd be here!"

HOUSES OF THE HOLY - Celeste Zabini asks Rodolphus Lestrange to 'take care of a little problem' for her.

HAVE YOU MET THE MUFFIN MAN? - Alex and Myron get high.

HUNGRY LIKE A WOLF - Lily feeds a depressed Sirius so as to prevent him from getting scurvy.


TUNING IN - Evelyn and Victoria tune into Hogwart's Pirate Radio, that some of the students have started broadcasting to help inform their fellow students. Victoria is trying to find out more about their activities.

SPECTATOR - Remus meets a girl woman named Eleanor Carlisle in Hogsmeade who is passing out pamphlets about werewolf rights. He makes an idiot of himself and she invites him to a protest.

CIGARETTES & BLUE HUES - Remus and Lucian share a late night cigarette and a chat outside Nessa's farmhouse. They have more in common than either of them thought.

I SEE YOU FROM THE SKY - Emmeline gets a new roommate in Chelsea Abercrombie.

RADIOACTIVE - Dorcas and Gideon take their fight to the office.

QUARTER TURN LEFT - While working on potions for the Order, Maeve and Caradoc get into an argument. They confess their feelings for each other.

DO AS I SAY - Dorcas meets Emmeline while on a job to Borgin and Burkes. A Death Eater (Milo Avery) attacks them in the street outside and almost kills them before they escape.

WHERE IS MY MIND- - Maeve treats an injured Ministry worker named Milo and discovers a secret about him.

ANOTHER HUNDRED PEOPLE - Severus meets Tuesday in Hogsmeade to warn her about Victoria and make sure she is alright.

GHOSTS THAT WE KNEW - The Order has a strategy meeting.

NINE FOR HELL - Evan kills a man.

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WITCH WEEKLEY NEW YEARS PARTY - Site Event: Witch Weekly hosts a party for New Year’s Eve and everyone is invited.*

FISTICUFFS - Sirius and Snape meet on a muggle street and engage in a fist fight. Sirius then kidnaps the battered Snape.

DANCING IN THE PALE MOONLIGHT - Victoria Greengrass asks John Summerby to check out something suspicious in Hogsmead. Truth is she is sending him into a trap where Milo Avery, Rodolphus LeStrange and Even Rosier are waiting to kill him.

EVER SEEN ONE OF THESE ALIVE? - Augustin recovers a dangerous creature on contract for the MoM. He meets a lady in the Atrium and asks her to watch his dog while he delivers the goods to the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.

OPEN YOUR EYES - Alex ways Misha up after a nightmare. Misha reveals to Alex that the nightmare was a vision of him [Alex] being tortured.

ONE FOR THE MONEY - Augustin catches up with a thief who stole from his Aunt and gets more than he bargained for. Turns out Kell Fletcher is a whole lot of trouble.

ROOM WITHOUT A VIEW - Rufus is summoned to France to question the French criminal Bontecou, he reveals that he knew that there would be a murder at the riot in Hogsmeade--the question is, how?

SNAKES HAVE NO HANDS - Milo gets into a bit of trouble and needs Edgar Bones to heal him. Edgar naturally wonders how he got to be working for both sides.

I DIDN'T DO IT - Alex meets up with Andrew Macmillan while the latter boy is doing rounds and the two end up having a philosophical debate about a variety of subjects.

SPECTRUM - Jacqueline Ackerley accosts Ashriel Nott just outside the Great Hall to demand to know why he didn't punish her for catching her out after curfew--both are surprised by the results.

BUT I'M A GOOD GIRL - Evan makes a new friend in Elizabeth Moore. Well. Sort of.

LUNCH BREAK - Milo and Alice have lunch at the MoM. Kind of adorable really.

HEARTLINES - Charlotte and Andrew have a study session in the library.

STAY TUNED . . . - Myron, Alex and Charlotte get together to run a session of the Pirate Radio at Hogwarts and can't quite agree on the music.

SURE TO HAVE VISITORS - Marika Cauldwell and Milo have a meeting at Cobb and Webbs--he shows her a cursed object that was sent to him.

WHERE EAGLES DARE - Misha and Andrew have a heart to heart chat in the Ravenclaw common room.

COUNTING STARS - Emmeline Vance discovers a secret at the Ministry of Magic about Caradoc Dearborn and confronts him about it.

RED RIGHT HAND - Milo and Marian talk about death. Charming.

TEA AND HONEY - Milo has tea at Patil's Tea Shop and meets Lalita Bones for the first time.

DAMNED IF YOU DO - Remiel attends Hogwarts after a Quidditch match and he and Tuesday discuss the game and . . . feelings.

THE GAMES WE PLAY - Augustin and Rufus go on a date attend a quidditch match.

NOW IS YOUR CHANCE - Ashriel and Jacqueline discuss muggle entertainments while waiting for the train in Hogsmeade.

UP AGAINST ANOTHER BRICK WALL - Lennox and Rufus share a heart to heart talk as brothers. Cute!

ON THE FIRST DAY OF CHRISTMAS - Alex visits Chelsea (and Em) at his new flat over Christmas holidays.

AFTER THE STORM [M] - Benjy and Elizabeth get up close and personal.

NOT A DATE, DATE - Lorcan and Victoria go on a date to Hogsmeade.

AT THE END OF THE DAY - Rufus and Amelia discuss possible corruption at the Ministry of Magic.

MOCKINGBIRD - Dorcas calls on Fabian and Gideon after a nightmare wakes her in the middle of the night.

SWEATER WEATHER - Perceval and Misha attend a Hogsmeade weekend . . . with a bit of flirting perhaps.

BOTTOM OF THE BOTTLE - Rodolphus visits a drunk Evan, they argue about his use of alcohol.

PORTABELLO ROAD - Em and Chelsea go shopping.

999 EMERGENCY - An injured Dorcas shows up with Em on Lily's doorstep--they'd been attacked.

SWEET PEA, APPLE OF MY EYE - Andrew and Charlotte: they're so fluffy I could die.

ORIGINS - Sirius and Emmeline go out on a date, how could this possibly go wrong? (Or right?)

SPIDER AND THE FLY [M] - With possibly the best ship name (Cressius), Cassius Burke and Cressida Avery meet up for a little 'one on one' time.

SINS OF OUR YOUNG - James and Sirius are idiots.

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NO.9 - After meeting by accident in Knockturn Alley, Rodolphus Lestrange and Marian Wilkes discuss how to store a body.

SUNDAY STROLL - Armaita Nott meets a stranger while out on a walk.

HOW LONG WILL I LOVE YOU - James and Lily attend Petunia's wedding.

One Way Or Another - Amelia tracks down her brother at St. Mungo's to find out what is going on with him.

The Linguist - Theodore Travers meets Cassius Burke in his office and receives some mysterious instructions.

DEVIL'S TRILL SONATA - Travers meets Marian a pub in Knockturn Alley and they have a really good time.

ARE YOU GERMAN? - Augustin runs into Mundungus again, but this time in Germany. Hijinks Ensue.

WON'T YOU PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME? - Heathcote gets some help from Andrew to do her homework.

Move in the Right Direction - Theodore meets Persephone while out visiting Diagon Alley.

BUTCH and SUNDDANCE - Caradoc and Mundungus continue their flirtation by dong a little B & E in Germany.

Our Lips Are Sealed - Alain spends time with Theodore (maybe she should have got her dad to pick him instead . . .)

FRAGILE THINGS - Alex meets Perceval in the kitchens and they share secrets and chocolate.

LICK. SWALLOW. SUCK. - Chance meetings at bars? Why yes, Emmeline, you do have excellent taste in men.

TOIL and TROUBLE - GIDEON and FABIAN go in search of the Death Eater who attacked Dorcas, it goes really well--except for the part where the Death Eater is lying in wait with a couple of his friends.

CRASH. boom. BANG - Myron and his flare for the dramatic almost injuries meet up with Jacqueline. Turns it into an opportunity to ask what she is doing--clever.

Count Your Blessings - Amelia visits her sister in law and the two do a bit of catch up.

Step by Step - Amelia demands answers from Astor Baddock. He is as charming as usual.

AND CAULDRON BUBBLE - Alice has a bit of trouble with her potion, Frank tries to help her out.

SHOPPING DAY - Armaita and Severus go shopping. Really.

blackbird - Malachi meets someone completely unexpected.

theory of relativity - Grace Applebee gives a class leading to the debate of about the use and punishment relating to Unforgivables.

IT'S BEEN A HARD DAY'S NIGHT - Armaita and Malachi get together to talk--Nott to Nott.

MUSIC TO MY EARS - Evan buys Alain a piano.

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS - Ashriel arrives home from Hogwarts for Christmas Hols and goes out for dinner with his sister.

life is a gamble - Astor pays Edgar an unexpected visit . . .

leaving my comfort zone - Ashriel and Jacqueline catch up after Christmas Holidays and Ash agrees to join in on the Pirate Radio.

OUR MINOR REFUSALS - Louis x James = Forever . . . I mean . . . drinks. Right. Drinks.

halcyon days - Tuesday and Malachi meet at the candy shop--which honestly sounds worse than it is.

dig a hole in the ground - Marian and Mundungus flirt.

when your body is swollen with blood [M] - Hungry Percy snacks on a very welling Misha.

MERRY MEETINGS - Sirius comes to visit Remus and Nessa at the farm.

gracenote - Rita and Alex have a heart to heart--well as close as they get really.

DIPLOMACY OF THE SNITCH - Frank and James watch a quidditch game.

WRECK OF THE DAY - Emmeline and Sirius go on a date. A real date.

RANT and ROAR - Snape is kidnapped by the Order and is questioned.

devil my cry - Emmeline and James get into a bit of trouble . . . and a stranger steps in to help them.

WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN - Alastor just loves lawyers. Especially lawyers who look like Amelia Bones.


UN-UNBIRTHDAY - James, king of the subtle gift. Co-starring Lily.

SILENT STORM - Lucian + Fenrir = Lucian the happy pup (only you can't tell cause it is Lucian).

THE MANY WAYS TO EAT SOCKS - Remus and Frank discuss the nature of werewolves.

NOBODY LEFT TO CROWN - Caradoc and Alastor go out for drinks and maybe some food.

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MINISTRY OF MAGIC - Site Event: Open Day at the Ministry of Magic

STRONGER THAN EVER - Jacqueline gets caught by Andrew breaking curfew.

don't leave home - Emmeline and Milo reaffirm their friendship . . . or not.

ODD FELLOWS REST - Alain invites Milo over to celebrate her birthday early.

color me red - Arwyn and Milo paint up a storm.

COMPANY YOU KEEP - Milo Avery fools Alice Logan into thinking they are friends before he tortures her for information about the Order and wiping her memory.

SPOTS. - Edgar and Maeve have a talk about the various stresses in their lives.

you're a troublemaker - Damian and Lydia discuss existential . . . kidding they're in detention.

keep it in the family - Milo and Cressida face their father.

not just anybody - Malachi finds Yuki has invaded his flat again--what else is new?

smoke you out - Louis and Barnabas go to lunch . . . in another country.

KITTENS and MITTENS - Alex and Misha discuss how to deal with a problem involving visions of torture.

A STUDY IN CRIMSON [M] - Roddy and Milo get to know each other a little better.

the Rhythm of the War Drums - Death Eater Party!

HARDER TO BREATHE - Maeve heals Gideon after he fights some Death Eaters.

LEND ME YOUR FACE - Merton gets to know Regulus Black a little better--probably not the best idea.

CHILLED TO THE BONE - Pandora and Armaita meet by accident in Hogsmeade.

A Million Ways To Be Cruel - Louis and Barnabas = Love.

and I declare - Marika and Augustin talk about knives.

JUST A BREAK - James gets a bit lost at St. Mungo's and meets Armaita.

OUT IN THE OPEN - Damian seeks some advice from Professor Applebee.

well this is embarrassing - Chelsea forgets his wallet and Marika comes to his rescue.

ALL THE WRONG REASONS - Victoria and Astor have a bit of fun in the house she grew up in.

it smells like a trap - Remiel and Armaita try to talk through their differences.

all for nott - Ashriel and Malachi meet for the first time in a decade.

just an empty place - Milo and Astor get together after a Death Eater meeting.

bizarre footnote - Mallory and Astor become best friends.

the doctor will see you now - Rabastan goes to Cressida instead of his brother while visiting Mungo's.

CAN I TAKE YOUR ORDER - Kit spills tea on Dirk and they go on an adventure.

TROUBLE, TROUBLE - Who thought a double date with the Fletchers and Wilkes was a good idea?

I wanna feel alive [M] - Damian and Silas share some personal time.

FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE SLOW - James likes to Remus all to get him to meet--which was completely over the top!

Daddy's Girl - Rodolphus and Milo go to pick up Cressida after a party. A killing party.

old man made young - Peter and Misha have a heart to heart.

The Gentle Art of Making Enemies - Lucian makes friends with Addison--or something like that. Hard to tell with Lucian.

cupid's bow - Sirius and Emme on Valentine's Day.

reach home to me - Pandora and Phoebe talk about many things--including wedding plans.

Heliotrope - Alain and Milo get together and make poor food choices.

cold with a side of cold - Edgar and Lacey spend some quality time together, as brothers and sisters do.

pancakes on repeat - Rabastan shows up to visit Dorcas and they share a breakfast of pancakes . . . for the second time.

B&E 101 - Caradoc and Emmeline break into the Ministry of Magic. (James is jealous.)

strawberries and chocolate [M] - Alex and Chelsea share a very special Valentine's Day.

the game is afoot - Caradoc and Edgar discuss tracking someone--it all gets very technical.

I've got you under my skin - Caradoc tricks Maeve into cooking her own dinner--apparently this is like a date or something.

the wolf at your door - Mallory and Fenrir talk about the employment of werewolves at Bedlam.

deadly nightshade - Milo surprises Oliver with a visit.

ROOFTOPS and INVITATIONS - Alain and Armaita have tea . . .

LIMITS - It is always an adventure when you're betrothed to a man like Evan Rosier, huh, Alain?

coffin text - Marian and Mallory, match made in Heaven Hell or what?

A Ferret's Tale [m] - Mallory demonstrates how serious she is to one Lucian Urquhart.

BREAKFAST, INTERRUPTED [M] - Mallory + Kit + A Darkroom = Not as sexy as you would think. Edit: EXACTLY AS SEXY AS YOU WOULD THINK.

swan diving off the deep end [m] - Lacey Bones is way cuter than you deserve, Oliver!

talking shop - Alastor talks to Mallory about a few suspicious happenings at Bedlam.

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MARCH 1979

Duelling Tournament - Site Event: Mallory Fletcher hosts a duelling tournament at Bedlam, the conversation and fights are fierce.

if this is it - Louis meets Li at work and is quite well, excited.

testing the waters - Alex and Misha go to Professor Greengrass to get some advice.

Snacking by Starlight - Marline + Misha + Food = Fun.

Red Red Wine - Rufus goes to Augustin’s house for dinner. He brings wine. It is not a date.

we are incredibly adept at this - Catriona and Mary enjoy working together categorizing ingredients in the Potions Lab.

denial of sorts - Damian has been avoiding Silas. What?

Two birds, one stone - Dorcas and Marlene meet up on the way to Hogsmeade. 2Fab4U.

down from here - Gryffindors and Slytherins make the best friends. Especially inspired musicians and snarky geniuses. MyronXPandora Forever.

POPPING IN - Evan shows up to ask Roddy out on a date.

odes of the prefect fair - Gryffindors are best friends right? AKA Damian flirts to get a favour.

the study of pigs and patronuses - Damian draws pigs. For some reason Charlotte questions this.

to die with dignity - Death by enchanted furniture starring Ashriel Nott and Catriona Macnair.

kill to know - Astor Baddock seeks advice from Rabastan Lestrange.

and the heads shall roll - Amelia Bones meets Cygnus over Wizengamot business.

surveillance - Alice and Oliver are on a stakeout! Whoooooo!

needin' a fixin’ - Kingsley visits St. Mungo’s and is treated by Armaita Nott.

dress up time - Tao + Elvira + Clothes.

Many, Many More - Armaita’s birthday party—Perseus says happy birthday in person.

SOS [M] - One of many reasons the Nott family are the worst—Armaita goes to Perseus for help.

Trouble is a friend - Amelia tracks down Caradoc Dearborn at his ‘job’.

The Bad in Each Other - Theo and Tao needle each other. Seriously, such good friends.

caffeine required - Tao gets hurt, thankfully Ethan is there to help her!

I'll find my own bravado - Happy is a performer, and Ethan can’t help but appreciate—they have tea.

here we are again - Roddy finds Iphigenia at the Leaky Cauldron, and demands that she attends a Pureblood party.

Mr. Bones - Lalita tells Edgar that she’s pregnant. For the third time.

poor mad boy - Milo is at St. Mungo’s after the tournament.

takeover, the breaks over - Lily ACCOSTS Remus in the street and demands to know what he is up to. And tells him to get a haircut.

looks like up to me - Li visits Happy at the flower shop. Werewolves.

my blood - Adding to Emmeline’s paranoia, Milo follows Emmeline and they have an . . . encounter.

one stir of a teaspoon - Emmeline meets Rabastan . . . and is confused.

take the monet and the gogh - The Fletchers. Seriously, these two are criminals.

Fitzpleasure - Happy and Fenrir meet in the forest. Good times.

little prisons - Ariadne and Alain talk and the cracks start to show.

sibling adventures abroad - There is nothing quite like family time, especially when one is a travelling werewolf journalist and the other has a job at the Ministry being too bad ass for her own good.

What Does Tigerlily Even Smell Like? - Seth hasn’t seen Evelyn in years—we all knew that couldn’t last.

when I left you I was but the student - Emmeline visits Professor Appleby to get a bit of advice.

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April 1979

The Twilight Tea - Site Event: The Avery Family hosts their Annual Easter Party.

Hogwarts Hunt - Site Event: There is a scavenger hunt at Hogwarts.

thievery most foul - Damian loses his shorts . . . the Scamander Twins fail to help him find them.

I wish I had an Emergency - Tao and Anneliese meet for the first time and share a cup of tea.

drink to forget - You never know who you'll meet while drinking, in this case, Iphy meets Severus.

another day - Li and Fenrir talk about their furry little problems.

in the company of owls - Damian and Sydney meet at the Owlery.

ugly hearts - armaita and daria have a chat on the hospital roof.

do you see what i see? - Victoria invites Cygnus Black to interview Misha and Alex about Misha's visions.

stranger things have happened - Seth interviews Remus about his place in the pack.

moon eclipse - Happy delivers flowers to Ariadne.

one more time forever - Merton and Malachi talk music.

Guilty Pleasure? - Anna + Elvira + Ice cream.

it's raining. it's pouring - Myron and Rita don't mind getting a little wet ;p

here for you, in a way - The Yaxley siblings commiserate.

puff sky - Milo considers buying a pygmy puff, Armaita gives him advice.

sorry like you mean it - Perseus takes Armaita shopping . . . for cat clothes?

the dragon lady - Augustin has tea with Gen.

past & present -While on a mission Rufus and Augustin run into one of Ru's old flames.

casualties of war - Ariadne suffers a fright and Happy comes to the rescue.

never good enough - Bellatrix expresses her frustrations to her husband.

Gods and Monsters - Antonin pays Milo an early morning visit to chat.

closing time - Remus encounters Eleanor at a pub . . . ;p

break it down - Jake has to visit St. Mungo's. Surprising no one, least of all Bridget.

Candy Apples - Alex brings Misha candy. Cause this is how he flirts is with his friends.

crossing borders - Anneliese visits Igor Karkaroff to ask about a certain 'incident' at the Avery estate.

it wasn't one specific thing - Ethan and Cassius meet at a bar . . .yeah you know what I mean.

vintage and in vogue - Gen and Ana go shopping and are too pretty for words.

we are the nobodies - What happens when two Order members meet in Knockturn Alley?

the bells in the steeple too - Lalita demands to know why Edgar is late coming home.

penny and the press - Prophetteers meet for tea.

cream de la creme - Ethan and Iphy go for ice cream.

seeing red - Oliver and Milo go to see some puppies at the shelter.

Cuppa - Gideon and Dorcas break up.

i wish you would - Seriously, what is better than a veela and a squib spending time together?

Rabbity Babbity - Rodolphus expresses emotions to Rabastan. It is disturbing for everyone.

the perfect drug - Caedmon and Mallory hit each other. For fun.

keep watch for the mines - Mallory and Iphy don't hit each other. Is this an annual review?

the fall off the turnip truck - James wants to know about the girl, Remus.

drive until you lose the road - Fabian and Hestia play will they, won't they. Bets?

the blue scarf [M] - Damian and Tuesday talk about painful incidents in their lives.

sharing is not my thing - Tuesday gets knocked off her broom, Sylvester is a hero . . . ?

picture perfect park - Rabastan rescues Dorcas' lost cat.

Decision Walk - James and Lily are too precious for this world. Curtains? REALLY?

stubborn is as stubborn does - After almost a year of courting Tuesday Lizzy kisses Remiel Mr. Darcy.

don't carry it all - Nobody does it better than the black sisters.

this is how you loser her - Evan and Alain go for a walk in the garden.

walking after midnight - Caedmon talks to a girl who works with dead people. That is the plot of the Sixth Sense, isn't it?

barrier free - Jake and Marika catch up at the Spiny Serpent.

Magical theory 101 - Is Caradoc ever up to any good? Let's ask Emmeline.

new romantics - James spends time with Caradoc. Dies of joy.

undisclosed weather - Sturgis visits Marika at Cobb and Webb's asking about a weapon . . .

marshmallows and peanut butter - Want to see boys made of fluff cuddle?

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May 1979

you are the butter to my fly - Bridget and Ethan, work AND play together, the siblings that are stuck like glue.

dusk walk - Sylvester misplaces his essay and somehow convinces Sydney to help him find it. Sydney must be an angel.

melt the fever - Cressida knows how to get a man’s clothes off.

sola gratia - If not for Malachi this entire generation of Notts might be insane.

a friendly chat - Rabastan talking to Armaita about scandal is, how shall I put it . . . amusing?

hey young blood - Pretty sure this is not appropriate, Mr. Rookwood.

cause they got the cages. - the beauties of the beast division have lovely bonding time.

not with grace - Jasper opens Pandora's box… of anger at their betrothal! get your mind out of the gutter!

momentary escape - Perseus changes his runaway fiancee (Armaita).

master setup - Perseus & Armaita pretend they don't wanna jump each others' bones, even though they're betrothed so they might as well.

best way we survive - Say Yes to the Dress, featuring the Nott ladies.

in my heart - forever stuck - Is lambing code, Eve? Details, Seth, details!

how does this work? - How does it work, Bridge? It is a date. IT IS A DATE. WITH A HOT GUY. Ugh, so hot.

I don’t have the right name - Things you don’t ever want to know: that Augustus Rookwood is fucking your mum.

old habits - Chase talks to a girl about action. Eh? EH?

silver lining - Benjy and Pippa murder unicorn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . biscuits.

cat nap - You know how you wake up from a dream and Frank Longbottom is there and he is—no? Just Alice then?

into the gardens - Perseus and Armaita avoid parents, apparently this means spending time with the bushes. NOT THAT TYPE OF BUSHES.

bros time - The Davies boys paint the hogsmeade town red.

just like animals - like animals! - Seth tries to ferret answers out of Mal, he should know better.

vermin free -House Hunters with Armaita & Perseus.

What they don't know - Anna & Augustus compare notes on the minister's murder.

you know how we do - Dorcas uses Fabian for his body. Now that he’s got the honey down for her, he’ll be her slave forever.

somebody slow it down - What do they call two people who look alike? That’s right, that asshole in the mirror. Or your twin I guess.

whip ‘em into shape - Benjy swears mutiny against any and all efforts to make him run again. Damn you, Dorcas, damn you to hell.

lines in the sand - Benjy is having issues—something to do with being forced to betray the Order? Maybe? Little bit?

no grudges - . . . and then - Antonin and Igor had an argument about who had the best hair.

tailing the tailoring [M] - Armaita and Perseus talk about being naked. Then they get naked. They do things that people do when naked. Yeah those things.

boredom is a bitch - Smells like teen whinging for Sylvester & Jordyn.

chaos rising [m] - Nothing bonds Ani & Gusty together like torture.

sorry to barge in - Important question: Red or White? Or Both? Bridge and Pippa discuss.

notty or nice - Honestly if you need more than a bad Nott pun I can’t help you.

everybody dies - Death Eaters like talking about stuff, if there are drinks involved.

walking on a tightrope - Power couple Druella & Cygnus bully a reporter and then make Narcissa's dreams come true. All in a day's work.

yellow flicker beat - Daria & Kit meet-cute at Flourish & Blotts.

chilling and such - What else do pureblood boys talk about, if not unwanted marriages and tortured sisters?

number the stars - Oliver you should know better then to go after a Russian DE by yourself.

for you. right. [m] Jo & Sylvester celebrate his Quidditch win. You think they used protection?

bonding over chocolate - Amelia and Damian have a fight to the death over the chocolate frogs at Honeydukes . . . or discuss study techniques. One of the two.

ironic pair - Barty and Frank going to be partners. Guess how happy he is about that?

FUNDRAISER: With a little help from my friends - Pippa makes sure Frank and and Jake don’t leave her high and dry.

Adventure Time? - Sydney encounters Damian while he is skipping class. Sydney reminds him that this is a very bad idea, guess who wins the debate!

operation drakeling - Who said working for the Ministry was boring? Not the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures!

A friendly faceoff - Armaita introduces Perseus to her Jesse. Goes about as well as expected.

fancy running into you - Tao makes a discovery: Abigail has a child?!

all those expectations - Obliviators have a terrible sense of humour.

tip top teas - Kit is sad that he is not a metamorphmagus. Judith is very sorry.

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MAY 1979 Pt. 2

interstate negotiations - Hestia and Perseus discuss paperwork. No one suffers any cuts!

such panic - Much fear. Very Pain.

sugar quills and acid pops and ice mice, oh my - The Rookwood boys make an impression on Ms. Travers.

JE SERAI POÈTE ET TOI POÉSIE - Louis and Barnabas talk about the paper and murder.

as promised - Igor brings Mallory daggers. No one dies.

money power glory [M] - No one throws a party like Milo and Barty.

one hundred glasses of champagne - Wedding planning: Remember kids, don’t eat all the samples.

just your average dinner party - Armaita and Rabastan meet up at one of those Pureblood dinner parties and are dressed to kill. Again, no one dies.

sanity check - Armaita tells Rabastan she is going to get married.

hooking up [m] - Chase and Tao . . . there really is no subtle way to put this . . .they hang pictures on the wall.

they're your wounds but my sutures - Roi reluctantly lets Edgar accompany him on his search for blood.

when there’s nowhere else to run - Rabastan and Frank make friends?

loud noises - Only Augustin would bring a griffin in. Nonetheless, Amos is impressed.

trouble that can’t be named - Armaita and Anneliese have lunch, talk about work and love and all the good stuff.

in a week - Jack is drinking at a bar. Jesse looks for a tall drink of water.

i find you diverting - Perseus goes on a date with Kassandra—last hurrah?

stop trying to make fetch happen - FETCH IS A THING NOW, OK?

half house call - Armaita calls on Alice at home. No one dies. Armaita is a HEALER, ok?

a few of my favourite things - What are Ajax’s favourite things? Answer: Knives.

murder a la carte - Scene: Dinner - Cygnus speaks to his wife: I ordered a rare steak, my dear.

the sun just leads me to shadows - Order Meetings really do not lead to the party atmosphere.

paintwands - The Booming Bicorns get to know each other, who thought giving them paint was a good idea?

formal floral - James = Cry.

fiction - Marian has seen an elephant. But not at a circus. Mallory is unimpressed. Lucian almost died.

everything's not lost - Lily puts James back together again.

solvitur ambulando - Lucius and Armaita catch up. Anyone noticed how Lucius looks a lot like Armaita’s brother?

o this is getting a drink? - Fun fact: Rufus has never been on a date before.

Fundraiser: We Always need the Money - St. Mungo’s hosts a picnic basket auction to raise funds.

the devil we know - Sturgis gets hurt and Milo offers to protect him. Is cute.

new face of failure - Bridge is very good at her job. We’re still not sure if James actually works.

drinking you away - Dorcas learns that talking to your drunk ex boyfriend sucks. For life lessons you didn’t need, feel free to owl.

theory they can’t prove - Rabbit and Bells sounds like some sort of folk band.

always on my mind - Healers dating healers? This really is Grey’s Anatomy.

the softest metal - Lead?

it was we were the cliche [m] - Speaking of Grey’s Anatomy, Ethan corners Roddy in the on-call room . . .

blood, guts and angel cake - Chelsea catches up with his old quidditch friend, Jesse. Yes, it is adorable.

pain is temporary - There is a child in this thread. It may or may not be Gavriel.

where the hollow bodies howl - It surprises no one that Marian and Barty are friendly.

get this kinda rush - Hair competition: Who wins, Jesse or Sirius?

into the past - Competing for worst sibling relationship ever we have Remiel and Armaita.

trade mistakes - Damocles is making a potion for werewolves, Li is a werewolf . . . yes? No?

we are the lions - ‘Hey Studmuffin’ is like the mating call of anyone with a beard, right?

cousin talk - Armaita, you’re marrying Perseus: 1) what are you thinking? 2) Are you insane?!

what in the world are we going to do? - Trapped in an elevator Peter. Harper is overjoyed.

the tombstones were waiting [m] - What Women Want - Starring Augustus Rookwood and Seraphina Nott

fell down the rabbit hole - Emmeline wants to know, are her memories real? Rabastan has answers of a sort.

wake up bitch, we’re going flying - Rayne Rayne, go away, come again another day.

going once, going twice - Door gets called to do undercover work with Rufus. Igor has the best hair of all of them.

riddle me this - Dear Victoria: WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH ASTOR?!

small print - Malachi loves his family, especially his aunt.

comeback of the year - In which Dorcas regrets shoes.

sneaking around - Iphigenia wants to find out the truth, is Caed the person to help?

long time no see - Running into old friends—Literally.

in a daydream on a hill - The Brocklehursts host Cassius and Genevieve. No awkwardness at all. Promise.

I'm Gonna Show You Tonight [M] - Ethan says why have one when you can have three?

where the light won’t find you - Marian and Mundungus are adorable. Shh. Let me enjoy this.

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June 1979

Quidditch: Charity Game - Site Event: A charity match gets very intense when professionals and amateurs take to the field.

Career Fair - Site Event: There is a career fair at Hogwarts for those students graduating this month.

Birthday Party - Site Event: Alumni have been invited to celebrate the 300th Birthday of Headmistress Dilys Derwent.

Contemplating & reminiscing - Perseus and Anja pick an exotic location to smoke and discuss their love lives. Featuring a dark alley!

Almost a sweet surprise [M] - Perseus does something very sweet for Armaita. Doesn't burst into flames.

Through the Crashing Sound - Raging Ramoras practice essentials include: lots of yelling, taunting, the mandatory bruising, and occasional brushes with death.

Stiff upper lip - Seth and Kit catch up after years. One of them is now a werewolf, one of them is still awkward.

If Only For A Second - Malachi enjoys a double helping of sweetness and chatter and calls them Tuesday and Cossette.

Trade Business - Evan picks up some rough trade his boyfriend. Oh god I’m sorry.

better in the long run - #1 best boyfriend = Barty Crouch Jr.

we never change - Narcissa and Jordyn are going to miss the dungeons at Hogwarts, I’m sure of it.

with all the strength of the raging fire - Mysterious as the darkside of the moon.

Leave the sun behind me - Who else do you hit up with intel about missing vampire brothers but Doc?

Dinner and wine - New bff Bridget deserve a bottle of wine says Armaita.

Sticks to your tongue - Yes, no, maybe? Marry me yes, marry me no? Augustus waits on tenterhooks for Anna's answer.

Looking at you like a star - Warning: purebloods kissing in the library. Lucius and Narcissa dabble with hormones and trashy novels.

Say something - Jordyn asking the hard questions to make you blush!

morning after of some kind - HEY PERCY, DO YOU HAVE A HANGOVER?

was it everything you wanted to find - Rosie Rules, Gawaine Drools!

chasing after time - What does Studly Sturgis look like when he’s mad? Mundungus reporting in!

like rushing stars - Midnight snacks, Jasper and Amelia as partners in crime.

Reminder - Rabbit and Anja once kissed in a tree. Since it's been over, hos-ti-li-ty!

It's your party - Alaina and Jordyn talk party themes and schemes.

Good morning Hogwarts! - The early Slytherin catches the best chocolate pudding.

Poppy in the graveyard - How To Do Unresolved Sexual Tension in the Office: A Collaboration by Anja and Eli

Bring out the best in me - Jesse and Greta talk, you guessed it -- CHEESE.

Meliorism - Quill pushers, assemble!

come alive - P-P-P-PUDDLEMERE!

lies like the summertime - Astor and Silas are reunited! Bros before evil plots to destroy the world?

this button to go down - Dorcas and Jake investigate Portkeys that have gone missing from the Office of Magical Transportation.

the rain comes down - Milo tortures Alex at Victoria's behest.

brittle bones - Family time, the Parkinson way.

old money - It smells so good.

She's thunderstorms - Now, now. Wedding planning shouldn't be this stormy.

Paved with good intentions - Good Cop, Bad Cop, The Legs, and Deadly Blonde talk about a certain murder.

Walking among shadows - Main course: duelling in The Sepulchre with flirting on the side for Theodore and Sevora.

The paths we walk - How do werewolves hang out? *whispers* They read fairytales together.

i wanna hold your hand - Greta waits for two beautiful boys to sweep her off her feet.

can you keep a secret? - Ashriel and Laurie discuss blackmail.

sunday morning - Augustin makes Rufus Breakfast.

going to the chapel - and we’re going to get married!

oh, what a sin! - F + B + More B if the second B is Beer.

stall before I start - Just so you all know, this is not a date.

you don’t scare me - Ashriel and Pandora reconnect.

sending out a searchlight - Hashbrowns and Ginger-snap is a terrible meal.

is this water sanitary - You don’t get severed limbs in the mail every day, am I right?

Waffle day - Does Miko care about Dorcas or the cats?

Water's sweet but blood is thicker - Big brother Thedore is not happy with Anna's choice of fiancé.

Vogel I'm Käfig - Who wants to join what?? Rabbit's first meet up with Order people is not going too well.

Playing dress-up - Artemis and Jean bond over shopping and food.

And then he kissed me - Narcissa melts about a certain Malfoy boy but hush, you didn't see anything.

What can I do to save the day? - Mallory is so not a relationship expert, Ethan!

So let's laugh again - When Sama'el isn't playing Quidditch, he is actually a fluffy pillow.

Oh please don't go - Come on, Theseus! Give your sister a hug!

When in Rome - . . . do as dating people do.

You, me, and the bottle makes three - Caed is not allowed to grump on Mallory's birthday.

Black curtains down - Take it off! Take it off! Mallory wants to examine Lucian's scar.

Amber waves - Two types of people in The 3BS: ones who ogle Rosy and ones who ogle Malachi.

Denouement - Too bad Evan does not keep spare women's clothes in his house, Alain.

Where did the party go? - Maybe Mallory is just borrowing Kit's bathrobe, right Greta?

Unexpected visit - Alice Floos home and lands on Greta's fireplace. Awks.

Late again [M] - Amos must have Felix Felicis with him; he's about to get lucky.

With a little help from my friends - Frank, in desperation, loses it and asks James about gift ideas for Alice.

Bring out the best in me - Greta + Jesse = bffs for life

We are the poisoned youth - Relationship talk. Awkward Augustus is awkward.

Sour patch to acid tongue - Pandora and Octavius make for a whole lot of snark and bark, truly.

I heard it throught the grapevine - Brother and sister bonding time! How's your love life, Jack?!

So I wanna - Damian wants to be famous Quidditch star just like you, Sam!

Showing off and then some - Igor wants to impress Harper. Will he succeed?

The sordid farce we weave - Benjy interviews Anthea about Law Enforcement policy. Everyone lives.

Stumblin' in the street - Puddlemore bros take the fun to the next level!

Ifs, Buts, and Maybes - WHO is pregnant???

Simon says - Druella receives the news about Victoria's arrest. Cygnus is somewhat sympathetic.

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July 1979

AZKABAN - Site Event: Voldemort takes his merry band of Death Eaters to Azkaban to retrieve a certain grimoire. Not as smooth as he'd hoped. Better late than never for the Order!*

may the force be with us - Yumiko and friends try to catch a glimpse of the stars of Star Wars.

you can’t choose your family - The Wilkes siblings go to pick up a body—LEGALLY.

I am going to be sick right meow - Myron feels sick, good thing Amelia is there to help him out!

FEAR. - James comforts Alex after he is injured.

Hearts Out - Alain takes Bellatrix to a jazz club.

A Dinner he can’t Refuse - Elphinstone actually likes Meave’s boyfriend?!

don't cry alone [M] - Who says romance is dead? Not Perseus.

Special Delivery - Emmet tries to make up for his mistakes.

hex, jinx, kiss - Ronan corners Lavinia in the bookstore.

That's What Friends Are For - Sam makes sure that Greta is not dying. Sam has a tendency to overreact.

ovaries before brovaries - Hyacinth sneaks Peggy in at a quidditch match.

The Slow Knife – Vague paperwork only leads to more questions, Theodore.

Quarantine Business – Who knew Damian could play nurse so well?

Bearer of Good News – Abby and Angelique celebrate new beginnings.

Post Practice News – Looks like Jordyn and Sylvester skipped right over love and marriage and went straight to baby in a carriage.

Actual Pins And Needles – Pandora and Pheobe don't find dress up as fun as when they were kids.

A Recipe For Disaster – Cooking lesson abound! Everyone loves French cuisine afterall, isn’t that right Rufus?

Choclate Covered Pretzels – For the first time in a while mutton is not on the menu for Remus.

Shopping Adventure – Who knew shopping for baby things could be so daunting? Baby's aren't that needy, right Jordyn?

The Looking Glass – Chess is always a great game to discuss the minister’s murder. Don’t you agree Bary and Rodolphus?

Cauldrons for Sale – Cauldrons can be used for many things it seems and Greta seems to be figuring that out.

Hair of the Black Cat – Elph has learned that asking the local barman is the best way to get new leads.

Want Another Go[M] – The morning after doesn’t always end with a walk of shame, Harper and Igor should know.

Whisker Me Away – Two of the three Davies siblings are sick, clearly Damian missed his calling as a Healer.

Tactful – Sugarcoating things has never been the Black way of life, or death for that matter.

Housecall – Two friends are trying to get through some very different, yet difficult times, in their lives.

Time of the Cat-Lera - -cough cough- Care to patch me up Iphigenia while I spy? I mean… -sniff-

Clueless - It’s a spy verse spy world now and Elphinstone is tired of being left in the dark.

The Wolf Among Us – Three portkeys didn’t just walk out the door on their own Ingrid.

When It Rains – Hyacinth may not know exactly what is going on but she knows something isn’t right with her friend.

Take Me To Church – Familial bonds aren’t the Yaxley’s strong point.

So Cheese – Business talk and cheese rolls, what could be better?

Cuppa Tea? – Everyone wants closure but is it worth opening up such old wounds Felicity?

Just Hug It Out – Eleanor and Lacey are about to find out what happens when a werewolf activist and a ministry worker are locked in a room together.

Closing Walls and Ticking Clocks – A rash of arrests seems a bit odd to Anneliese and Armaita, especially when your husband is one of them.

One Of Us – Here’s to hoping you don’t disappoint when Bellatrix is your recruiter.

Meeting of the Minds – An unlikely duo team up to help a mutual friend, Dorcas won't know what hit her.

Play Out the Part – Ronan wants you to know there is more to the dramatic arts than just looking the part.

Cheese With That W[h]ine – Alain thought they were going to talk about her wedding? No? Fine let’s talk about your problems Jordyn.

Shots. Shots. Shots. – A healer and a journalist walk into a bar…

Lions Den – A loyal employee sold those stolen portkeys? Seems a bit fishy Edric.

Purr-suasion – As cute as Tuesday would look in a healers uniform she is not a qualified healer Remiel.

A Mad Hatters Birthday Party – Halloween isn’t the only time to dress up.

Young Wild and Brie – Not everyone enjoys shopping day but a good friend like Greta will agree anyway.

Time to face the Music - Cedric is sick, can Abigail and Amos cope?!

Pondering the Possibilities - Benjy questions Kit about some photographs. Nudgenudgewinkwink-ifyouknowwhatImean.

do you call yourself a patient or a junkie - Caed needs a fix, question is, does Devon have one to offer?

A Rush of Blood to the Head [M] - You know that guy you probably shouldn’t spend so much time with? Harper, Igor is that guy.

Are We Soulmates? - Roddy takes Bells on a date. XOXO

Don't wanna think no more - Club kids Lucian and Peggy paint the town red!

Little Wanderer - Who else would Sam take guitar shopping? +Alex makes tea.

Visiting Hours - What happens when you take two Purebloods and mix with a Halfblood Quidditch player?

two drifters off to see the world - Ronan puts on a GREAT outfit to go on a . . . date? with Peggy.

Mid-Youth Crisis - James takes Marlene out for Ice Cream!!!!!!!

THIS CASTLE [M] - Evan invites Roddy for some quality time in the kitchen.

have a happy reunion - Armaita has fun harbouring her fugitive husband and invites Rabastan round for a visit.

WAX ON, WAX OFF - Caedmon is like, Marlene’s teacher in a weird version of the karate kid. But with magic.

boo you whore - Ronan and Hyacinth are too pretty for this world.

[URL=link to thread]title here[/URL] - Characters/short blurb

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G.N.O – Daria and Margot take some much needed time off to unwind.

Toxic – A thief and a mortician by the name of Marian walk into a bar…

Let’s Be Reckless Some – Trying to keep up with Tao is tough work isn’t it Emma?

Hell Of A Season – Lily, Alice and Emmeline form a girls only tent at the music fest.

Family Affaird – Cosette tries to set Florean up to be married while skirting around her own love life.

Catching Up Over Wine – Emma and a friend go out for dinner and gossip.

Sound And Fury – Ingrid and Perseus were supposed to find Aberforth alone but unbeknownst to them Malachi Nott was in the back and they just made a huge mistake.

Fight Song – Lucius you should know better than to talk to a pregnant woman like that, especially Jordyn.

Lunch With Friends – Emily and Sydney catch up with their newly graduated friend Tuesday for lunch.

I Now Pronounce You – Jordyn and Sylvester tie the knot with an unsure Alain and Amelia in tow.

Stand And Report – Voldemort wants to know exactly what happened and what went wrong at Azkaban. Don’t disappoint him.

Let’s Stay Between The Sheets – Emma and Florean have a nice chat the morning after.

What Do We Eat – Jordyn doesn’t understand why letting strangers into her and Sylvester’s flat is a bad thing.

Summer Heat – Isolt advises Aib that it is not wise to drink and fly.

Champange For My Real Friends – Tea is the British version of Champange and Talon has brought some along for her chat with Armaita.

Talk Tea To Me – Emma and Talon talk tea, boys and life in general.

A Different Kind of Fun – When Emma went to see her sister she runs into Nicolas…literally.

If You’d Be My Prince – Astrid sneaks out of her manor to meet the dashing Eli.

Like Dents In A Wall – Ariadne arrives at Mungo’s to pick up potions but David is there instead of her normal healer.

Tattoo Across My Heart – Perseus don’t you know getting your spouse’s name as a tattoo is a bad idea?

Shopaholics – Shopping with Narcissa isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be is it Jordyn?

A Special Delivery – Cheese isn’t the worst pregnancy craving in the world Jordyn.

Nothing Saves My Putrid Heart – Perseus was the cause of Malachai’s death and now he has to tell Armaita just what happened.

Summer Came While We Were Falling Out – Working at the same place as your ex you are bound to run into one another from time to time as Nicholas and Daria have learned.

Is It Day Or Night? – Pip and Pip get together to talk about how glorious their jobs are.

One Particular Moment – Sama’el drops by Uriah’s house and they have a few beers and an interesting chat.

Signing Day – Uriah and Sylvester meet for a press junket.

Blood Of My Blood – Rabastan is hurt on his mission and Rodolphus is there to patch him up, brotherly love at its finest.

Losing Track Of Time – The Order meets up after the attack at Azkaban.

Boys Weekend – Three quarters of the marauders get together and go camping.

Sins Of The Son – Edric is not pleased by Perseus’ recent failures and he wants his son to make sure his daughter-in-law is a proper wife to save some sort of face.

Wretched And Precious – Ariadne sneaks around to get some alone time with her Perseus who is currently in hiding.

Fake It Like You Mean It – Finding a dress for the night on the two is not the easiest task but Astrid and Lacey are up for the challenge.

Bake Me A Pie – Damian and Sama’el are baking…no really they are baking, that’s not code for something else.

But You’re Frozen (That’s What I’m Saying) – Who knew you could get a job by just walking in and inquiring anymore? Florean is a trusting man.

Contagious – Perseus needs some cheering up, who knew Pippa could be that person.

Raw Or Medium – The Rowle sisters discuss Ingrid’s predicament and how she’s being forced to remedy a mistake.

Charcoal Black – Don, your mom cares about you and just wants you to be ready for school. Atleast Sydney was there to bail you out.

Remedy To Your Heart – Sometimes simple dates are the best dates and Benjy and Cosette do just that.

If This Room Was Burning – Sama’el and his niece are spending the day in Diagon and Cosette serves up some experimental ice cream.

Are You Sure It’s A Date? – Always awkward when two people aren’t on the same page about if it’s a date or not. ‘Fraid Lavina didn’t catch the hint Ronan.

Duel Thirsty – Dueling with wands is only one way to fight, Pip and Tao certainly know that.

All Our Yesterdays Have Lighted Fools – Ingrid and Perseus have messed up in a big way and the Dark Lord is not happy.

Tea Parties – Edric is hosting a tea party with Druella Black, here’s to hoping he is wearing his frilly pink apron to make the occasion.

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DIAGON ALLEY EVENT - A shopping event in Diagon Alley to revitalize the area goes horribly wrong . . .

Mystery on the Hogwarts Express - The students of Hogwarts head back to school and discover something is amiss . . .

as we stumble along - After the events at Azkaban Emma checks up on her sister at St. Mungos.

pop some tags - Mothers and daughters, remember Blacks must always look their best.

truth of a thousand lies - Emma makes Frank dinner and considers asking him some questions . . .

just wanna be where you are - Uriah goes with Sam to watch him get inked. HIS NAME MAYBE? Kidding. Maybe.

who invited you? - Frank comes to talk to Armaita following the arrest of her husband.

rook to queen’s pawn six - Andromeda interviews Augustus about a new case she is working on.

beach fever - Benjy goes on a DATE with Cosette at the BEACH. Yes. BENJY IS ALMOST NAKED.

mind the teeth - After Nymphadora gets bitten, Andromeda takes her to St. Mungo’s and meets an old friend . . .

lobster quadrille - Only Miko would think a double date with Rabbit and Door was a good idea.

don't have a kitten - Jordyn brings home a cat!

for whom the bell tolls - Armaita and Anneliese: DRINKS DRINKS DRINKS!

i've been all around the world - Sam played a game of 'Guess who is coming to dinner' with Greta.

yesterday, i was a shipwreck - James fails his final at breaking and entering, must repeat the course.

a little less conversation - Kit welcomes Pip home and gets more than he was expecting.

sin with a grin [M] - Evan clears away the competition in his pursuit of Alain.

rolling in the deep - Amelia and Jordyn destress with some ice cream.

midnight memories - Sam visits Uriah in the middle of the night. The pap should watch his door, yeah?

help! i’m alive - Hog’s Head, best place for meetings, so say werewolves and ministry employees everywhere.

when first we practice to decieve - Anneliese goes to talk to Perseus on behalf of his wife.

before all this damage is done - Devon meets a new patient.

a step closer to hell [TW: Violence] - The Bones Murder.

here's looking at you kid - Question: Is Peggy a fan of writing or Jude’s other assets?

at least five questions - Benjy and Dorcas go to question a guard from Azkaban.

and I’m feeling good - Roddy drops into visit his old friend Philomela.

death by chocolate - Who let Florean alone with chocolate and a wand?

with the hands of uncertainty - Frank is late for a meeting and ends up sitting beside Alice—of all people!

twll me sweet little lies - All work and no play for Gideon and Amelia.

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Hogsmeade Renaissance Faire - Site Event

Duelling Tournament - Site Event (part of the faire)

Pumpkin Race - Site Event.

carry me home - Uriah takes home a very drunk Sam and tries to eat his own foot--Uriah's foot, not Sam. That would be weird.

bones funeral - Exactly as depressing as it sounds.

a new tomorrow - Is that a knife or are you just happy to see me?

you rang? - Voldemort is the worst customer ever.

can you feel the love tonight? - Between Sam and Uriah, which one is the lion king?

nott now, but soon - Rabastan has a lunch date with Armaita!

look at this stuff, isn't it neat? - True story, Andromeda left the Black family because she was a mermaid.

break a sweat - Uriah and Gwen get hot and sweaty, ooer.

shoot to thrill - The Lestrange Boys discuss murder with Dolohov.

birthday boy - Can Diggory and Rossi handle their toddler?!

never been much of a believer - Who let Sirius and James have alcohol? Huh?

this is how we fondue it - Fondue you two . . . fondue?

making acquaintances - Evan decides to drive the knife home and introduces Roddy to his betrothed.

fund us a trap door - You would think that two such clever people would be less awkward.

I'll Stand By You - Lily has something big to tell Emmeline over wine.

Let The Good Times Roll - Lena and Katja 'bond' over some dinner.

Bottoms Up - Emma and Sirius meet by chance and talk...music.

Whiskey Trip - Uriah and Kit talk their boy troubles.

Working Hard Or Hardly Working - Braelyn needs to make sure that her family isn't spending all their money on solid gold gobstones.

It's Too Cliche - Greta saw more than what she was prepared for and Sama'el needs to explain himself.

What Are You Fighting For - DADA class, some education needs to happen at school afterall.

Counting Bodies Like Sheep[/b] - Fenrir has an issue of eating things he shouldn't.

Freak On A Leash - Braelyn doesn't seem much like a canine person.

Glitteratti - Two girls, glue and lots of glitter.

Vault 666 - Talk money to me.

My Strongest Suit - Anastasia and Magnus play dress up.

Hot and Cold - Anneliese and Kit try to out compliment one another.

Lost But Can Be Found - Armaita meets with her draught supplier, David, to talk life and potions.

Girls Night In - Lily has some news for Alice, here's to hoping she doesn't pay for waiting too long to tell.

It's What Day? - Ariadne cooks David dinner and it doesn't go according to plan at all, but that's not always a bad thing.

Po' Lazarus - Marian and Jasper are set the task of digging up a few trinkets out of a graveyard.

Is This Smore Than You Bargained For Yet?[m] - Mallory, Pip and Kit talk about their complication relationship(s).

Interview Time - Rufus pulls James to the ministry for questionable injuries that happened just around the Azakban attack..

Sorrow Swallows Screams - Antonin takes his niece out for her birthday but it's hardly a fun conversation.

I Heard I through the grapevine - Katja talks to her father about how their family tree doesn't quite line up...

Cheesin' It U[ - Greta teaches Alex just how to make cheese and how her business works.

Faithless No More - Anneliese delivers Armaita's kitten and some other unwanted news to Rabatan's place.

Trick Or Treat - Uriah and Sam have some Halloween fun.

Mine, Mine, Mine - Mallory and Sam catch a Cannon game and catch up.

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this is the song that never ends...
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A QUAFFLE LOT TO TALK ABOUT - Uriah and Gwen get corny. KIDDING. It is an interview.

ARCHEOLOGY - Remus meets a cat--they don't get on.

put yourself back together - Delia puts her nose in and Sydney bears witness to it.

business over pleasure - Magnus goes to dinner with a blond and doesn't have sex for dessert.

wish you were here - Armaita mourns the loss of her cousin.

the birthday song is copyrighted - Pandora turns 17 and guess how happy she is about it?

Outnumbered and Outmanned - Fabian and Arthur are in charge of children.

Show Me What You Got - Brae visits Tyr so she can have a peek . . .

Lunatic Asylum - Werewolves are LUNATICS. Get it?

Big Dreams & Quiet Conversations - Brothers and sisters have the best chats.

Jam and Jerusalem - Maeve tries to make sense of a Weasley.

Wake me up when it's all over - Uriah comes home battered after a game against the Falmouth Falcons

this is our playground - Rafe and Erryn meet on the pitch and talk about old memories.

more life to live - For twins they sure are different.

a pause for reflection - Demetria instructs augustin on tough love.

you help me, i help you - Pip teaches Uriah the fine art of defending himself.

stand for nothing - Sydney asks Augustin about defending herself.

dance at the gym - The shopkeepers of Diagon talk about keeping safe.

sick of being poised - The Fortescue siblings are sweet.

la dolce vita - Maeve deserves all the ice cream in the world.

think of the kids - Quidditch players sure are spunky.

truths and lies - Blonds have more fun. Amirite, Braelyn? Alice? Anyone?

practice makes perfect - Alice likes them gruff and beardy.

deja vu - You know that feeling when you think you know someone but are not sure how?

midnight show - These twins are much more in sync.

look what you did - Quidditch players slowly drive Hyacinth insane.

natural selection - Dolores loves werewolves, everyone can see it.

clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere - Pandora didn't do it.

trees to hang upon - Instead of finding Armaita, Rabastan runs into David at St. Mungo's.

ice blond - Florean makes the best hiring decision of his LIFE.

not safe for work - Dodo spends some time with the very handsome Jasper Burke. Oooer.

Unexpected Visitor - Rabastan asks Albus Dumbledore for help.

Super Snake Celebration - The Dark Lord throws a party for his favourite pet.

Our Lips Are Sealed - The Aparecium unites!

Her veil is the autumn breeze. - Augustin gets to know one of his students in the Owlery.

Open Season [TW:Gore/Violence] - HIPPOGRIFF HUNTING!

le tango des illusions - New best friends: Dodo and Roro!

oh what a beautiful morning - Roddy teaches Braelyn some tricks~

can't pin me down - Andromeda probably has the worst brother in law.

hello again - Greta seduces the world with cheese.

every move you make - Gwenog regrets meeting a man.

one foot on the platform - Alice and Frank share some time alone at Headquarters.

two by two - Maeve and Sirius are attacked by Death Eaters.

sugar, we're going down swinging - Cyrus spends time with a tall drink of water--Hyacinth.

bending over backwards - Pandora doesn't understand why she has friends. Especially one like Heathcote.

into your arms - Alex is forced to tell Chelsea things he's been keeping secret.

at risk of repeating - Ashriel tells Phoebe the truth of his birth.

I kissed a girl and I liked it - David likes girls.

walk in the woods - Augustin looks damn good in flannel.

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These mended bones The storms approach Ever so slowly Out on the sea.
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Winter Charity Ball - Things get a bit snowy at the charity event held to raise money for a crumbling castle.

KEEP ON THE SUNNYSIDE - Andromeda and Ted rekindle that romance with an after dinner dance.

SOWING SEASON - Dorcas offers to teach Ted defensive spells.

BROKE HIS CROWN - Injured Rabastan comes to Dorcas for help.

BREAK OPEN THE PACKAGING - Augustin attempts to teach self defense to his students.

Old Dog, New Tricks - Pip and Uri get some training in.

a sinner like me - Uri takes care of Sama'el after he sticks his neck out.

crescendo - Emma and Tyr meet up at the Spiny Serpent.

sky-high like red eye - Sam and Alex get high and cry a bit.

where do we ghost from here? - Armaita discovers that her cousin is a ghost.

en sus suenos[m] - Kit and Pip on a date~

Anticipation Ain't Growing - Sydney meets Finn on the quidditch pitch.

Open For Business - Edith visits Greta's new shop.

I can't be-cheese it! -Pip visits Greta's new shop.

a few of my favourite things -Sam and Pip celebrate Christmas.

how i stay alive -Dorcas and Rabastan deal with his departure from the Death Eaters.

need a reason to believe -Emma visits Persephone after a hard day.

long time no see - Abigail and Nasiriya meet up from many years of not seeing each other.

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