Welcome to Infinite Arms! We are a no word count, character driven, AU Marauder Era roleplay set in January 1981. No one is safe and no one side can claim to be innocent. The Dark Lord has recruited many to his cause, creatures of all types have been attacking citizens and with each passing month the murders and disappearances have increased. Albus Dumbledore is fighting back. He has recruited a select group of talented young witches and wizards to fight against the darkness that threatens the world--but will they be able to resist succumbing to darkness themselves?
March 1981
Full Moon: Friday 20

The beans this month are the Olympic Flame and an Olympic Medal. Can you earn them both? The start of the quidditch season is here! After a long off season during the coldest months of the year, March at last brings us something to look forward to, with the first matches dragging people out of their cozy homes to watch. All is not well, however, as the dawn of the month has also brought us a brutal murder, and the murderers chilling manifesto is sure to keep more than a few people up at night . . .

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 Posted: Feb 1 2018, 12:57 AM
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by the pricking of my thumbs

It’s March! The Quidditch season has finally begun and for some it will come as a welcome distraction as there seems to be trouble stirring in the world once more.

But first- some of the happier notes before we get to the sinister-

It's our fourth birthday! And we don't look a day over three and a half. We wouldn't have gotten this far without all of the support and creativity of all of our members. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all. We appreciate everything that you do and look forward to many more years to come.

To celebrate the upcoming quidditch season the Department of Magical Games and Sports and the BIQL invite you to celebrate with the annual opening weekend festivities. First, to kick the weekend off right (for those of you with enough clout and money to do so) the Fallen Players Association will be hosting their fundraiser and gala on Friday, March 6. In addition Q Fest will be held outside of Tutshill Stadium the following Saturday and Sunday. The event forum with additional information can be found here.

Additionally, all the Quidditch games scheduled and played for the month of March have been added to the QUIDDITCH thread, so feel free to check that out to gauge how well your favorite team is doing.

Finally, and perhaps most shockingly, the country was stunned as the last hours of February melted into March with the news of the passing of popular women’s-wear model, wife, and friend to many - Elvira Burke. She was attacked and murdered in Diagon Alley and her attacker had some fairly interesting things to say before he took his own life as well. The information regarding the attack is just now surfacing in the Daily Prophet and it’s not pretty at all. A tragedy though it may be, it seems like the implications of this event are far greater than any one person or organization might realize.

This month in BEANSwe've got some Olympic faire as the world turns its eyes to Korea and the XXIII Olympic Winter Games. We've also got beans for the birthday celebration! So be sure and check those out.

The Canon List that you know and love is now a mandatory claim! If you've got a non-canon character, we'd really appreciate you dropping by there and getting them on the list. The instructions are at the top. We'd also love to make sure that the list is accurate and up to date so if you see anything squirrely about your character (ages, siblings, etc.) shoot RIFF a PM on here or via Discord and she'll get it sorted.

We also wanted to take this time to explain what’s happened to the Cbox. You’ll notice it’s no longer there. We now have an embeded Discord server on the site, and a dedicated channel on the server called #iaboard that will default as the display there. We ask that you use this channel to interact with guests, give general welcomes and all that stuff. As this is the face we’re showing the world, we ask that you keep conversations in this channel kosher and kind. Most general conversation can stay in the #iachat, especially for members, but #iaboard is an excellent place to hang out with potential members and the like.

Finally, as bigger and more important plots start shaping up on the site, it is crucial that members who play major canons who might have roles in those bigger plots be active. That being said, if you’ve got an Order member or a canon Death Eater on your roster we would really appreciate you being engaged. It’s not a big issue yet, but we want to start the dialogue now. Our activity requirements are fairly lax, we don’t ask for a whole lot. But we are asking for a little extra cooperation from those who’ve expressed interest in taking a larger role , specifically in the two organizations. If it becomes a noticeable issue, we will handle things on an individual basis. But be aware we’re going to need all hands on deck in the coming months to get these plots rolling.

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