Welcome to Infinite Arms! We are a no word count, character driven, AU Marauder Era roleplay set in January 1981. No one is safe and no one side can claim to be innocent. The Dark Lord has recruited many to his cause, creatures of all types have been attacking citizens and with each passing month the murders and disappearances have increased. Albus Dumbledore is fighting back. He has recruited a select group of talented young witches and wizards to fight against the darkness that threatens the world--but will they be able to resist succumbing to darkness themselves?
March 1981
Full Moon: Friday 20

The beans this month are the Olympic Flame and an Olympic Medal. Can you earn them both? The start of the quidditch season is here! After a long off season during the coldest months of the year, March at last brings us something to look forward to, with the first matches dragging people out of their cozy homes to watch. All is not well, however, as the dawn of the month has also brought us a brutal murder, and the murderers chilling manifesto is sure to keep more than a few people up at night . . .

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 RULES, must read
 Posted: Jun 1 2014, 07:15 PM
head honcho
These mended bones The storms approach Ever so slowly Out on the sea.
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• Please register with your characters first and last name.

• Keep in mind that we do have restrictions on pureblood characters. If your character's last name is not a canon pureblood do not make them a pureblood. (Note: If you wish to fake your heritage and claim to be Pureblood you may, however, they will still be counted as halfblood).

• Original characters are welcome! There are also plenty of canon surnames on our canon list that you can take and make your own

• Also, be mindful of your ratios, as well as the general site ratios. We don't want anyone playing all purebloods, or all professional quidditch players, etc. It's fun to have variety! The admins may ask you to change your character if we think you have too many of one type.

• Graphics. We require an avatar for all characters, please keep your avatar at the 250x400 size. We do not use signatures.


• Once you register your account you have FOUR days to post an application, unless you have been speaking to a staff member. This is the same duration as canon reserves, so we wanted to keep things fair and easy. If your application is incomplete after four days, and you have not spoken to a staff member, then your app will be denied.

• Please post your application in the correct forum. If you are not done working on it, post in "In-Progress". If you are finished either post your app in the "Completed" subforum or bump your topic to let us know.

• No tragedy-sues, please! We reserve the right to deny applications for overly tragic pasts. Hardships are fine, but there is such a thing as too much.

• We do not have a character limit, but we do encourage not taking more than you can handle. If you ever need to drop a character you can do so HERE.

• If you are pended you have THREE days to post your edits or get in touch with staff to talk about an extension. After three days your app will be denied.

• New apps will not be accepted if the member has an existing absence post.

• We do not accept face claim reservations. Once an app is posted, that acts as the face reserve until such time that the app is accepted and claims are completed. If an app is denied, the reserve is no longer valid. While it is courteous to check want-ads, requested faces do not act as reserves.


At Infinite Arms we try our best to avoid formal activity checks. They are just as stressful for admins as they are for members. Because of this we do frequent sweeps of our character list to see who is being posted and who is not. If you have not posted a specific character in 3 weeks that character's account will automatically be moved to the inactive membergroup. Inactive accounts will be kept there for 2 more weeks before being removed from the game.

Accounts that are registered but never post or fail to complete an application will be deleted during activity sweeps.

If a member has an absence up with no scheduled end date the staff will take the notice down after two months.

If your character is in the inactive member group they are technically up for grabs. That means if you're playing a canon and they've been moved to inactive, and someone wants to apply, the spot is considered "open". Face claims are also considered open.

If you would like to reactivate a character who has gone inactive, you must make one in-character post (no letters) and notify an admin or post HERE.

If you would like to reactivate a character who has been removed from the game (applications found in the old/dead characters forum), you must reapply for that character. For any "Dead" characters you wish to revive after the first, you must adhere to the same standards that you might were you creating the character anew. You must complete 8 IC posts (no letters) before reviving another character that has been removed from the game.

We do know that real life happens, and we are pretty relaxed about that sort of thing. However, we cannot read minds. If you are going to be absent for a significant amount of time, please post in the absence forum. That way we know that you have not just disappeared on us.

Note: We do not delete accounts that have a significant number of posts (10+) and have been deemed inactive and subsequently removed from the game (ie. two weeks in the inactive group). They will be held there and if you wish to reclaim them—provided no one has taken the character—you can contact an Admin and we will take care of it. However these characters will have been removed from all lists (claims, canon list etc.) and will have to be redone.


We are a No Wordcount site.

If there is a certain style of posting you prefer please discuss it with your posting partners, some people like longer posts and some people like shorter ones: if you run in to any difficulties, remember, communication is key.

Some events will be run as RAPID-FIRE for the purpose of keeping the plot moving, please keep this in mind when posting in these events.


Don’t godmod, powerplay etc. No one is all-powerful, and everyone has their weaknesses. You may not control someone else’s character. Be realistic is you're playing out fights/duels and either plan it out or remember to talk to your partner. You may not kill/maim/torture another player’s character without running it by them first.

To join Infinite Arms you must be over 18.

Characters must be 18+ as we are an adult board. All characters under 18 will be NPC.

Be mindful of our site rating. We are rated M/R/18+/whatever term you'd like to use. For those who are not familiar, this means that we do allow drugs/alcohol/sex/foul language. If you are going to be writing a thread with explicit/mature content, you are required to put an [M] in the title. That way if people would like to avoid it, they can do so.

user posted image

Language 3: Objectionable and mature language is permitted.

Sexual content 3: Sexual content may be described in detail.

Violence 3: Extreme violence is permitted.

We require that you have at least eight in-character posts (threads not letters) with your newest character before you make another. If you want to reserve a canon, you will still have to have those eight posts before we will accept it. Furthermore, you cannot post a reserve while you have an active absence up (within reason) nor will we accept any new applications from you if you have an active absence post.

When it comes to big plot points there are some things that need to be reported to staff. Plots involving (non-NPC) deaths, pregnancies, Azkaban-worthy arrests, or anything else that could have significant bearing on site plots should be brought to the attention of a staff member. It is unlikely we will say no to the plot we just want to be aware of what people are planning so we can accommodate where possible and that people are generally adhering to Harry Potter universe canon.

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