Welcome to Infinite Arms! We are a no word count, character driven, AU Marauder Era roleplay set in the year 1981. No one is safe and no one side can claim to be innocent. The Dark Lord has recruited many to his cause, creatures of all types have been attacking citizens and with each passing month the murders and disappearances have increased. Albus Dumbledore is fighting back. He has recruited a select group of talented young witches and wizards to fight against the darkness that threatens the world--but will they be able to resist succumbing to darkness themselves?
MAY 1981
Warm days, cool nights
Full Moon: Tuesday 19

We’re having a fiesta! Or at least our beans are. This month we’ve got Tequila and Salt and maybe some other goodies coming down the track later this month.
As the world continues to descend into turmoil, the Ministry has declared a mandatory curfew for the whole of wizarding Britain. Stay safe out there, folks!

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 ic month event timeline
 Posted: Aug 23 2016, 06:53 PM
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ic month event timeline

Below is a list of in-character, site-wide events.

If a month is not listed, then either there was no event for that month or the event from the previous month was on-going.

Relevant locations, member groups, and characters are also included.

user posted image Indicates significant events that you should be aware of.

user posted image January 1978

Death Eaters stage an attack on the Hogwarts Express during its return to Hogwarts after Christmas Holiday. At this time six students are kidnapped and it is discovered later that all of them have links to important people in the Ministry and St. Mungo’s. The students are found nearly two months later, all but one had survived the ordeal.
  • Relevant Location(s): Hogwarts Express
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Everyone
March 1978

There is secret party deep in the woods near Hogsmead that is hosted by the more daring of the Hogwarts students (you know who you are). Unfortunately things go sour when there is an attack by masked Death Eaters—some of whom might have been students themselves. During the ensuing chaos there are many injuries but thankfully no deaths.
  • Relevant Location(s): Hogwarts/Hogsmeade
  • Relevant Member Group(s): People who were students at the time.
october 1978

It was Hogsmeade weekend for Hogwarts students when Victor Vaisey put up a No Muggleborns sign on his shop window. A riot quickly formed, though he refused to take down the sign. That evening he was found murdered.
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Hogwarts, Citizens
  • Relevant Character(s): the Vaisey family

december 1978

Site Event: For the month of December, Witch Weekly threw their annual New Year's Eve Party. The magazine truly went all out for their 135th anniversary, opening the party to the public in order to welcome in the new year!
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Press, Everyone
january 1979

Still exhausted from their winter celebrations, no one seemed to have noticed the Ministry silently passing a piece of Anti-Muggleborn legislation just after Christmas. Though seen as archaic by many, it allowed private establishments the right to deny service to Muggleborns as they saw fit.
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Ministry

feburary 1979

Career Day arrived in full swing, and students and professors were invited to explore the corridors of the Ministry. Crowded more than ever, no exactly saw who did the deed, but when it was all said in done, Minister Nobby Leach was assassinated right in the middle of Atrium. In his place Russell Milman, a Muggleborn himself, took a stand against purism and promised to fight You Know Who.
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Ministry, Hogwarts, Press
  • Relevant Location(s): Ministry of Magic

march 1979

Bedlam, the local duel hall, held a Dueling Competition! It was wizard against wizard, witch against witch, until one was left standing. At the same time Minister Milman continued his campaign against purism, even making public announcements declaring his intentions to repeal the Anti-Muggleborn Law.
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Everyone
  • Relevant Location(s): Bedlam Dueling Hall (Knockturn Alley)

april 1979

A highly respected, wealthy Pureblood family threw their annual tea party. Everyone was invited - except Muggleborns, of course - with an Easter egg hunt and refreshments all around. As for the Order, they secretly broke into the family manor and stole a set of Death Eater ledgers.
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Citizens, Press, Death Eaters, Order

user posted image may 1979

Milman, fool that he was, will go down in history for holding the office of Minister for Magic for the shortest time ever. Both he and his deputy were brutally killed in the dead of night by an unknown Death Eater, and his murder is still under investigation.
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Ministry, Death Eaters, Press
  • Relevant Location(s): Ministry of Magic

june 1979

The BIQL held a Charity Quidditch match with volunteer amateurs players captained by professional players. All proceeds went to St. Mungo's.
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Everyone
At the same time a handful of wizards were rounded up for various crimes, some as minor as bribing and others for suspicion of murder and torture. Do you think the Ministry knew they had incidentally apprehended Death Eaters?
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Death Eaters, Ministry

user posted image july 1979

A severe case of Black Cat Flu swept across the wizarding world. Symptoms ranged from fever to nausea to a hairball-like cough and even growing of whiskers!
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Everyone

At the same time, the disease spread all the way to Azkaban. Healers and DMLE alike were dispensed to control its transmission, but unbeknownst to them they had Death Eaters in their midst; a set of stolen portkeys also enabled further Death Eaters to arrive on the scene. A fight ensued in which both the Order and further DMLE support were called, but in the end the Death Eater prisoners were freed. As for the reason for the exact reason the Death Eaters invaded the island - well, their comrades aside, they have been tracking down a certain set of secret grimoires...

  • Relevant Member Group(s): Death Eaters, Ministry, Order
  • Relevant Location(s): Azkaban
  • Relevant Character(s): Victoria Greengrass (murdered)

In the chaos the Daily Prophet has printed new stories day and night on the failings of the Ministry to fight the Death Eaters - the murder of the Minister, the break into Azkaban, DMLE officers who claimed to have witnessed Dementors switching sides... This inevitably led to the Ministry increasing their censorship of the media - and the Aparecium, an underground paper, to flourish.

  • Relevant Member Group(s): Ministry, Press

august 1979

It was a sweltering summer, and the 68th Annual Dartmoor Music Festival was underway. Music, alcohol, and... other substances...
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Everyone
  • Relevant Location(s): Dartmoor

september 1979

It was the beginning of the school year, and though many were nervous about the security of the school given the kidnappings in January 1978 and the attack on the school the following March, many have nonetheless continued their steadfast support of Dumbledore.
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Hogwarts
  • Relevant Location(s): Hogwarts

Down in the Village of Hogsmeade, Death Eaters sought a spy of their own after the loss of Victoria Greengrass. They pursued Aberforth Dumbledore. A fight quickly ensued, and the local bartender of the Three Broomsticks was accidentally killed in the crossfire. In the aftermath, Malachi Nott's death was excused as a pub brawl gone wrong.

  • Relevant Member Group(s): Death Eaters
  • Relevant Location(s): Hogsmeade
  • Relevant Character(s): Malachi Nott (murdered)

In the weeks that followed the attack on Azkaban, Death Eaters connected Edgar Bones's duplicitous leanings with the Order. A group of them killed the entire family save their young son.

  • Relevant Member Group(s): Death Eaters, Order
  • Relevant Character(s): Unknown Death Eaters, Edgar Bones, Lalita Bones (née Patil), Bones children (npc)

A potion accident in Diagon Alley caused some people to see... strange things...

  • Relevant Member Group(s): Everyone
  • Relevant Location(s): Diagon Alley

october 1979

October brought a Renaissance Fair to Hogsmeade, and with it another dueling competition thrown by Bedlam Dueling Hall. Even the students had their own celebrations! Everyone was welcome to spectate in the celebrations, but the sudden attack by Death Eaters with Dementors in tow brought chaos.
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Death Eaters, Order, Hogwarts
  • Relevant Location(s): Hogsmeade

december 1979

Everyone shelled out their money for charity at the Christmas Charity Ball held at Acton Burnell Castle. All proceeds went to the restoration and preservation of the historical site, though alms-giving was the last thing on most peoples' minds after a freak snow-in.
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Everyone
  • Relevant Location(s): Charity Ball at Acton Burnell Castle

user posted image january 1980

Just after New Year's Eve James Potter was attacked and killed by a small group of Death Eaters (among them being Lucius Malfoy). Aurors found his body in the early hours of the following day with the Dark Mark hanging above.
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Death Eaters, Order
  • Relevant Character(s): James Potter, Lucius Malfoy

Death Eaters broke into the Ministry. After splitting off, one group went into the Department of Mysteries to find a particular grimoire while the other went to the DMLE offices in order to stage a diversion.

  • Relevant Member Group(s): Death Eaters, Order, Ministry
  • Relevant Character(s): Sturgis Podmore (attacked, in a coma)
  • Relevant Location(s): Ministry of Magic

A major hub in Manchester's Floo network experienced a major malfunction, resulting in bizarre mis-connections to explosions. Many were sent to St. Mungo's with severe burns, and the Floo network was shut down for several weeks. Combined with the stolen portkey incicent from the previous summer, the Ministry's scrutiny of the Department of Magical Transportation began to increase.

  • Relevant Member Group(s): Ministry, Healers

With the mounting Death Eaters becoming too frequent and deadly to ignore, the DMLE formed its Elite Task Force to investigate all Death Eater-related incidents, especially the break into Azkaban.

  • Relevant Member Group(s): Ministry, Death Eaters
  • Relevant Location(s): Ministry

february 1980

As the month of love, Slug and Jigger's Apothecary threw a Valentine's Day event. Men and women were paired off randomly for blind dates.
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Everyone
  • Relevant Location(s): Slug and Jigger's

Adults can't have all the fun, though; students had their own Valentine's Day dance, though somehow their cards didn't make it to their precise target.

  • Relevant Member Group(s): Hogwarts
  • Relevant Location(s): Hogwarts

As the month came to a close, Death Eaters descended upon Hogwarts with another ally at their side: Inferi. On the other side of the country, Death Eaters also attacked St. Mungo's Hospital. Bodies were stolen to further furnish their army of Inferi, and in the process they destroyed both Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and the hospital.

  • Relevant Member Group(s): Hogwarts, Death Eaters, Healers
  • Relevant Location(s): Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, St. Mungo's

user posted imagemarch 1980

After the attack in February, Hogwarts CLOSED their doors for the indefinite future. Students were sent home, and the Ministry was forced to look for other means to continue students' lessons.
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Hogwarts, Ministry
  • Relevant Location(s): Hogwarts, Ministry

Even among that much chaos, Celestina Warbeck remained undeterred: the famed songstress released her newest album. She even threw a party in Diagon Alley to celebrate!

  • Relevant Member Group(s): Everyone
  • Relevant Location(s): Diagon Alley

april 1980

Based on covert information, the Order raided Dolohov Manor. They entered through the tunnels under the estate, and while most of them were stopped by patrolling Death Eaters, a few made it all the way to the basement potions labs where Kira Dolohov brewed potions to help create Inferi. At the same time Rodolphus Lestrange was incapacitated and taken back to Order HQ, though not before DMLE was called to the scene by Ministry-working Order members.
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Death Eaters, Order, Ministry
  • Relevant Location(s): Dolohov Manor
  • Relevant Character(s): Rodolphus Lestrange (already suspected of being a Death Eater by many)

june 1980

With the beginning of summer came the Cirques des Ténèbres, a circus for all to enjoy for one night only. Circus-goers could visit a petting zoo, watch shows, eat sugary foods... the possibilities were endless!
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Everyone
  • Relevant Location(s): Epping Forest (outside London)

In a freak and unexpected incident, a giant attacked a pair of circus-goers. Thankfully there was a no loss of life, though the potential threat of magical creatures was significantly heightened.

  • Relevant Location(s): Cirques des Ténèbres

july 1980

After a blunder in the Committee for Experimental Charms, the Ministry became overcame with thick vines and foliage. It attracted many an onlooker, which only served to great impede Ministry employees' work.
  • Relevant Location(s): Ministry of Magic
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Ministry
  • Relevant Character(s): Committee for Experimental Charms

In the midst of all the confusion at the Ministry, students also went to pick up their N.E.W.T. results. With that they were able to choose their careers and move on to their future jobs!

  • Relevant Location(s): Ministry of Magic
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Students/Citizens

august 1980

To commemorate the fantastic Perseid meteor shower, a Roaring Twenties was thrown at the Beaufort Manor. There was jazz music, prohibition booze, swing dancing - the more the merrier!
  • Relevant Location(s): Beaufort Manor
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Everyone

user posted image september 1980

During the rebuilding of Honeydukes which was destroyed in the summer of 1980 by Death Eaters, there is another attack on the town. Death Eaters make an attempt to reach the Chamber of Secrets, using Hogsmeade as a jumping off point. The Dark Lord himself makes an appearance in Hogsmeade and during the ensuing chaos much of the town is consumed in flame. The Dark Lord retreats after engaging in a spectacular duel with Malcolm Cornfoot.
  • Relevant Location(s): Hogsmeade and Hogwarts
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Everyone
October 1980

With much of Hogsmeade in ruins, Albus Dumbledore opens up Hogwarts to host refugees from the town. They are forced to camp out in the shell of the castle which itself is undergoing repairs.
  • Relevant Location(s): Hogwarts
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Everyone
In an attempt to bring some joy to a beleaguered people, the D’Eath family hosts a Halloween party at their dark and spooky manor. Few people have ever seen the interior and many turn out just for that.
  • Relevant Location(s): D’Eath Manor
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Everyone
user posted image November 1980

After the departure of the former Minister of Magic who was bogged down in the fall out after the destruction of Hogsmeade, Millicent Bagnold has come to power at the Ministry of Magic. Ms. Bagnold has promised sweeping changes to make things safer for all--starting with added funding for the newly established Creature Registration Project. Ms. Bagnold will be played as an NPC by the Admins.
  • Relevant Location(s): N/A
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Everyone
The United Kingdom finds itself the victim of a massive early season blizzard and things slow to a crawl in the country. It is a chance for some to curl up by the fire and enjoy a bit of one on one time—or simply try to avoid the spike in seasonal illness. For others the empty streets seem to invite mischief—and worse. There are rumours of numerous break ins and destruction of property while untended homes and retail establishments are struck by the opportunists.
  • Relevant Location(s): UK
  • Relevant Member Group(s): Everyone
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