Welcome to Infinite Arms! We are a no word count, character driven, AU Marauder Era roleplay set in January 1981. No one is safe and no one side can claim to be innocent. The Dark Lord has recruited many to his cause, creatures of all types have been attacking citizens and with each passing month the murders and disappearances have increased. Albus Dumbledore is fighting back. He has recruited a select group of talented young witches and wizards to fight against the darkness that threatens the world--but will they be able to resist succumbing to darkness themselves?
March 1981
Full Moon: Friday 20

The beans this month are the Olympic Flame and an Olympic Medal. Can you earn them both? The start of the quidditch season is here! After a long off season during the coldest months of the year, March at last brings us something to look forward to, with the first matches dragging people out of their cozy homes to watch. All is not well, however, as the dawn of the month has also brought us a brutal murder, and the murderers chilling manifesto is sure to keep more than a few people up at night . . .

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 BERTIE BOTT'S, awards
 Posted: May 17 2014, 10:10 AM
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Here at Infinite Arms, we believe that everyone should have a fair shot at winning site awards. Just because your character isn't a super popular canon, or you're part of a small subplot, does not mean that your contributions are not being noted and appreciated! So, when we started to entertain the idea of introducing awards, we knew right away that we were not going to over-done "Of the Month" route.

So today, we are happy to introduce the secret project we have been slaving over... the Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans. We have taken the list of flavours from Bertie Bott's - and added some of our own here and there - to compile a huge list of beans/awards that we can give out. Throughout each in-character month, the staff will be keeping an eye on your characters and plots to see how things are progressing. We will then award specific beans to people based on their accomplishments. Some will be quite tricky to earn, while others may be quite simple.

But, here is the catch.

We will not be publishing the master bean list! It is kept in the staff forum under lock and key, making each award a surprise! So, not only are you going to get super fun, surprise awards... but you will be able to show them off! Beans that you have earned will be shown underneath your character's avatar. Each bean has been painstakingly brought to life by our very own Rachel! All you will have to do is hover over your bean, and you will be able to see it's name.

Each month we will also have a featured bean that can only be earned during that IC month. Since those beans will be "limited edition" we are going to tell you our requirements for earning them. Once the month has changed, that limited edition bean will be locked away, so be on the look out!

And remember, if you think we've missed you for a bean don't be afraid to let us know and we'll get that for you ASAP.

 Posted: Jul 17 2014, 10:32 PM
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Limited Edition Beans

Because you were curious, these are the beans we've seen so far!

user posted image 2 Year Anniversary Bean – When the board turned 2!

user posted image 3 Year Anniversary Bean – When the board turned 3!

user posted image Peppermint – December Posting Achievement: 20 Posts

user posted image Cranberry – January Posting Achievement: 10 Posts with Character you've never posted with before.

user posted image Chocolate – February Posting Achievement: 15 posts with Friends/Lovers

user posted image Lambchop – March Posting Achievement: 15 posts with Anyone

user posted image Sugared Violet – April Posting Achievement : 10 posts Outside

user posted image Mashed Potato - Duelling Tournament Participant.

user posted image Tomato - Duelling Tournament Winner

user posted image Easter Egg - April Event Bean

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image Metal Beans - May Team Event

user posted image Strawberry - May Limited Edition Post 12 times

user posted image Blueberry Pie - June Limited Edition Post 20 times with other Member Groups

user posted image Quaffle - June Event Post 10 times in events

user posted image Watermelon - July Limited Edition Post 15 times

user posted image Tutti Frutti - August Limited Edition Post 5000 words

user posted image Soda Pop- August/September Limited Edition Make a Student

user posted image Grape Jelly- September Limited Edition Post 10 times

user posted image Cotton Candy- September Limited Edition Post 10 Times in Events

user posted image Pumpkin- October Limited Edition Post 15 Times with other Member Groups

user posted image Turkey Leg- October Event Post 10 Times

user posted image Toasted Marshmallow - Post 15 Times.

user posted image Pistachio - Character Development Challenge (Note: If you would still like to do this challenge it is HERE. Just let us know when you've completed it and we'll give you the bean!)

user posted image Gingerbread (suggested by Beatrice) - 10 Posts with a character you've never posted with before.

user posted image Prawn - Post 10 times in our winter event.

user posted image Ink - Participating in our NANOWRIMO event.

user posted image Pinecone (Suggested by Rae) - Use five of our specially suggested words/phrases.

user posted image - Ham (February Posting Achievement)

user posted image Rose (February Event Post Achievement)
user posted image - Pretzel (March Posting Achievement)

user posted image - Beet - Have five posts in an open thread.

user posted image- Edamame (April Posting Acheivement)

user posted image - Mandrake (April Event Posting Acheivement)

user posted image - Lemonade (May Posting Achievement)

user posted image - Whipped Cream - Use five of our specially selected words.

user posted image - Pomegranate - June Posting Achievement.

user posted image - Peanut - June Event Bean

user posted image - Peruvian Vipertooth - NANOWRIMO 250,000

user posted image - Chinese Fireball - NANOWRIMO 500,000

user posted image - Hibridean Black - NANOWRIMO 800,000

user posted image - Moondust - August Posting Achievement

user posted image - Firefly - August Event Bean

user posted image - Kiwi - September Posting Achievement

user posted image - Zucchini - October Posting Achievement

user posted image - Troll Bogies - October Event Bean

user posted image - Chocolate Chip - November Plotting Cookie Bean

user posted image - Madeleine - November Word Count Cookie Bean

 Posted: Feb 29 2016, 04:20 PM
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These beans can always be earned!

user posted image Almond – Devoted. (long thread, 15+ posts each)

user posted image Aubergine – Villain (Discretionary)

user posted image Bacon – Breakfast. (breakfast thread)

user posted image Black Eyed Bean - The first rule of fight club... ( fight scene)

user posted image Bouillabaisse - Two stirs counterclockwise. (Potionmaking in a thread)

user posted image Buttered Popcorn- Action Star (action thread)

user posted image Cheese - Romantic and squishy quotes.

user posted image Chili Powder - Oooh, Burn. (Quote)

user posted image Dirty Sock - Foot in Mouth Disease (Discretionary)

user posted image Envelope Glue – the letter writer (25 posts)

user posted image Green Apple - Hero (saves someone's life)

user posted image Ketchup - We have a Bleeder. Significantly injured in a thread (by another character).

user posted imagePeach - Gosh, you're so nice! (Discretionary)

user posted image Sardine - It's All Platonic. (Posting with Friend, 20 posts each-multiple threads)

user posted image Soap - Dirty mouth. (Discretionary)

user posted imageToffee Pudding - Welcome Wagon (Plots with lots of people)

user posted image Earwax- You certainly have a way with words. (Quote)

user posted image Lemon- You are a bit of a downer (Discretionary)

user posted image Spinach- Hoggy Hoggy Hogwarts (Hogwarts Posting Achievement, 65 posts at Hogwarts)

user posted image Lobster- Smooth Criminal (Commit Criminal Activity in a Thread)

user posted image Overcooked Cabbage - Timewarp/Alternate Universe (25 posts)

user posted image Unbirthday - 6 Months Achievement

user posted image Black Pepper - Avada Kedavra (Kill a PC character)

user posted image Marshmallow - Sibling/Family Love (20 Posts)

user posted image Cherry - Sex

user posted image Toast - Posting in the Sandbox (5 posts)

user posted image Bubblegum - Posting in Honeydukes or Floreans (15 posts)

user posted image Sausage Fest - Posting with 7 different males

user posted image Dirt - Submit (multiple) times to the DP/Quibbler/Howler or Aparecium

user posted image Mustard - Make (multiple) Graphics

user posted image Sprouts - Run a Site Event

user posted image Olive - World Traveller (10 Locations)

user posted image Liver - Posting with Death Eaters (post 50 times)

user posted image Grass - Post outside (not town/city, post 25 times)

user posted image Paper - Posting with Students (25 posts)

user posted image Pepper - Posting with Ministry (5 threads)

user posted image Broccoli - Posting with Press (5 threads)

user posted image Grapefruit - Posting in Games (20 posts)

user posted image Honey - Post with your Significant Other (50 posts)

user posted image Mushroom - Have a suggestion implemented (board improvements ect).

user posted image Rotten Egg - You filthy liar. (Traitor)

user posted image Banana - Two left feet. (Injure yourself in a thread-clumsy/stupid etc).

user posted image Bogey - Shady Dealings- threads in Knockturn Alley. (5 threads)

user posted image Taco Party - Posting with 7 different females (complete).

user posted image Onion Bean - Recruit a Player (once only-claim via pm).

user posted image Birthday - 12 months character.

user posted image Horseradish- Posting in events (post 50).

user posted image Cassarole - posting at St. Mungos (post 25 at Mungo's)

user posted image Spongetoffee- Posting with healers. (post 50)

user posted image Vomit- Posting threads in bars. (5 threads)

user posted image Pear- Posting with Citizens (Post 50)

user posted image Mint - Posting with Order Members. (10 threads)

user posted image Golden Snitch - Posting with Quidditch Players. (post 50)

user posted image Apple - Posting with Teachers. (post 15)

user posted image Chocolate Eclaire - Cooking or Baking in a thread.

user posted image Two Year Bean - Man you've been around awhile!

user posted image Eyeball - Write a Newspaper Article (and send it to the admin team, if we Publish it you get a bean!)

user posted image Cinnamon - Scarlet Letter, go on a date with three different people.

user posted image - Marmalade - Post in 8 different shops/locations in Diagon Alley/Knockturn Alley/Hogsmeade.

user posted image - Blueberry - Post 10 Threads in the MoM.

user posted image - Sunflower - Update your Plotters/Apps! More information can be found HERE

user posted image - Three Year Bean - You've lasted three years!

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