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April 1981
Scattered Showers
Full Moon: Sunday 19

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After a disaster-filled April the Ministry has decided to take action, launching an Inquiry into its own employees. Not only that it seems like the various press outlets are taking sides. Who do you believe, the Daily Prophet? Or have you turned to other sources for information?

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 courage of stars, shacklebolt fam [0/3]
 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 10:33 PM
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the shacklebolt family

The Shacklebolts have never been political powerhouses, nor are they obsessed with being considered one of the Sacred 28. But they have good standing in the wizarding world and some clout that comes with being well off. The patriarch of the family, Kingsley and his two siblings’ father, was a stoic never-smiling Auror who rose to be the head of them back in the day, but who never got any further. He wanted his children and grandchildren to get further on their own merit and there’s always been a sort of tough approach to the Shacklebolts.

They have nice things. They live nice lives, but it comes from having a hard work ethic instilled in them. The Shacklebolts, the siblings, at least, had better opportunities available to them than a lot of people but their father made sure that they were capable of standing on their own two feet, which meant chores, responsibility. Their mother was the heart of the family, straight-forward, fair, and down-to-earth.

Fairness is supposed to be at the heart of their family and all disputes are settled with a sense of detachment and after the consequences have been weighed up. They have family meetings and Kingsley is often late for them with all of his duties, but they happen, and everyone’s opinion has equal footing. Important decisions that affect the whole family are supposed to have a majority. They’re almost their own little island amongst the insanity. Or that’s the idea, at least. It doesn’t work so neatly in practice.

Faces are just suggestions. Names are open. I referred to the older brother as Linden in Kingsley's app, but that was just a filler. Feel free to shoot me a message here, or through pm or @ robin#3068 on discord.


His brother has always been the best at taking the exact opposite opinion to that of Kingsley. They naturally clash. Their parents didn’t raise them with purist values in mind, but his brother seems to have found them (he doesn’t have to be die hard nor a Death Eater), and he’s definitely supportive of the Ministry and less so of creatures, muggleborns, or squibs. That said, I don’t think he’s malicious or intends to cause offense, but he puts his family first and foremost. He has a daughter, the niece, and could be divorced or married or widowed, even. He’s set to become the head of the house when his parents pass away and he’s a lot more serious than Kingsley is.

Suggested face is Idris Elba, canon list age is 43.


The sister is the youngest of the siblings. There’s a bit of an age gap between her and her older brothers, and at times, she’s felt like she was an only child. And then her brothers will start arguing again and she remembers that, alas, she is not. She’s independent and ambitious and perhaps her goal is to get on the Wizengamot or even be Minister one day. Kingsley has a soft spot for his sister and still thinks of her as being a child at times and likes goofing around to get her to laugh and act like a kid with him. I see her as working in the Ministry, possibly in a bureaucratic or legal role?

Suggested face is Aja Naomi King and canon age is 34.


It's hard being a Shacklebolt. Everyone expects so much of you, not least of all your own family. The niece struggles with that sometimes. She doesn't want to be a great Shacklebolt. She just wants to be her own person and the big personalities in her family sometimes make her want to scream. Kingsley understands that. He has a habit of railing against the system and he and her have that in common. They might not have everything else in common, but he's one of the few people who would be fine if she suddenly decided she wanted to dye her hair pink and join a punk band.

Suggested face is Zendaya Coleman and her canon list age is 21.

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