Welcome to Infinite Arms! We are a no word count, character driven, AU Marauder Era roleplay set in February 1981. No one is safe and no one side can claim to be innocent. The Dark Lord has recruited many to his cause, creatures of all types have been attacking citizens and with each passing month the murders and disappearances have increased. Albus Dumbledore is fighting back. He has recruited a select group of talented young witches and wizards to fight against the darkness that threatens the world--but will they be able to resist succumbing to darkness themselves?
February 1981
Dark skies and freezing rain.
Full Moon: Wednesday 18

The beans this month are Argyle and Valentine. Can you earn them both? After a fairly eye opening January where creature attacks abounded, February has dawned with a certain sense of caution in the air as people retreat to their homes at night and lock the doors against invaders. Though the Ministry has made waves they have only done so much to combat the ongoing strife between creatures. But even with all this darkness there is hope, as Hogsmeade has been reopened, at least in part, and thus the witches and wizards of Britain have been invited to come see it. During daylight hours, of course.

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 Posted: Jun 18 2017, 06:30 AM
head of EIU
spare me your judgments
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bite down, smile and take the pain
pressure tested to break
what choice will you make?
one second or Infinity?

The Ministry is scrambling. They're low on resources and within its wall's no one knows who to trust, now they have an ever increasing number of violent creature attacks to contend with. To help combat the rising unrest and to appear to be doing something about it they have formed a dedicated 'Creature Capture Unit' (CCU) to track down and capture ( alive or controversially dead ) the most violent offenders be they werewolf, vampire, giant or other. They've taken the best from their own DRCMC and called in an array of favours to put together a motley crew to do the dirty and dangerous work that not many others are willing to do.

Members of the CCU are not limited to whats here, this is just to kind of bring the idea to light and show its potential and possibility. So feel free to run with other ideas of members of the CCU.


Fifties. Old dog. Badass.

Many years ago in another lifetime Pops was a young Auror with a bright and promising career. He was the by the book golden boy of the department. Everyone knew that he would be running the place one day. At the age of thirty he was on the cusp of becoming one of the youngest Auror department heads when tragedy struck. His ten year old son was attacked and killed by a werewolf who to this day has never been identified or captured. Pops turned to the bottle as insurmountable grief took over while a festering hate began to burn inside of him. He requested a transfer to the DRCMC and to the 'Werewolf Capture Unit'. They tried to convince him to reconsider, to take the time he needed to recover from the loss of his only son. Three times his request was denied before finally being moved to the unit. Over the years his relationship with the bottle deepened as did his bloodlust for the one who had killed his son. His grief and obsession created a rift between him and his wife, a rift so large that after four years of trying to find the man she had married she took their daughter and left.

Ten years ago Pops hit rock bottom and was on the verge of getting fired when something or someone happened that caused him to give up the bottle and has since been ten years sober, it's still a struggle though and will always be. He turned it around and was given command of the 'Werewolf Capture Unit' which he has run since. With an increase in attacks from various magical creatures the Ministry thought it would be a good public relations move to create a special Creature Capture Unit to focus upon catching the worst offenders. Pops was chosen to head up the unit.

Pops is rough around the edges and has little patience left in him. He isn't the by the book man he once was, he became any means necessarily. He likes to get in there and get the job done, the messier it is the better. His has a strong prejudiced against werewolves and has little love for them. I think it would be very interesting if his daughter was a werewolf activist whose belief is that the actions of one should not damn the many. It would create some exciting drama and be an interesting contrast to her father. Perhaps she could try and ease her fathers guilt and change his views on werewolves?

PB: Tommy Flanagan Please.


Thirties. Hard on the outside, soft on the inside. [/b

The Tracker was born and raised on a magical reservation in Arizona. He never went to Ilvermorny but rather received his magical education on the reservation. He showed a natural talent for tracking and developed a deep love and understanding of nature and all the magical creatures it held. When he was nineteen the reservation was visited by outsiders, ministry officials, they were tracking something and it had crossed into reservation territory. They needed the assistance of a tracker. The outsiders were met with mistrust and hostility with no one willing to offer them assistance. Having known no other world than that of the reservation that he had been raised on the Tracker stepped forward to offer his help believing that the outsiders were not as bad as everyone said. This would be the first of many times that the ministry would call on him for help. His work with the Ministry took him from the reservation and to the wider world.

Being considered possibly the best in his field the Tracker was sent by the MACUSA to assist with the growing number of creature attacks. Having being in the country for only a month or two he is still finding his feet and his place within the unit. He wants to help the magical creatures that he tracks and traps, he doesn't want to see them destroyed like others in the unit. It's causing some conflict within the unit. His appearance might suggest that he is a harsh beast of a man but the Tracker is a in fact a giant sensitive softy who is gentle and compassionate but at the same time he will fight for what he believes in.

I feel like Native American history has some interesting mythology when it comes to werewolves and wolves in general so I think that could be something interesting to add to the Trackers mythos and sense of belief, offering a different perspective on things.

PB: Jason Momoa, as if there is any question about it?


[b]Two hundred and something years young. Out of touch. Dandy.

I'm not even going to try and hide my intentions here behind a story, basically I want Viago from 'What we do in the Shadows'. A cute as a button cinnamon roll of a dandy vampire who just doesn't have much of a clue about anything. I have no idea why he is a part of the CCU but I am sure it's interesting.

PB: Taika Waitit, right? Right!? He is a must for this adorable goof.


Thirties. Squib. Batshit. Smart mouth. Ex-con


The Marksman has an innate sense and crack shot with a rifle, never missing their target. His true nationality is unknown, the Marksman was born into a family of prestige and privilege but when it became apparent that he bore no magical ability he was abandoned and shipped off to the other side of the globe. Bitter and jaded with a dislike for Wizards the Marksman isn't really here because he wants to be. Missdeeds lead him to prison and from there he has been offered a work release deal....

PB: Stanley Weber


Mid to late Twenties. Dullest. Badass Lady. Foreign

Don't let her diminutive size and quiet nature deceive you, this lady is fierce and uncompromising when it comes to magic. At the age of twenty the Wand became her countries youngest national Duelling champion and was primed to make world champion when her brother was killed ( the collateral damage in a gang war ) and her world came crashing down. The Wand took her talent with magic and began a career in law enforcement with the hopes of finding and taking down those that had killed her brother. Years have passed and the Wand is no closer to finding out who killed her brother as the day she started. But in her mission to get justice for her brother she has striven to also give justice for those that have lost loved ones to dark magic. The Wands idea of justice isn't always the same as everyone else and it's gained her a bit of a reputation as a diligent but ruthless operator. While pending disciplinary action in her home country the Wand was given this assignment as a form of punishment ( question is does she think of it as punishment or an opportunity to give justice to others, or many he investigations into who killed her brother have lead to England?)

Nationality is open but one that has a close relationship with the UK would work best. Possibly one of her colonies?

PB: RiRi. I really suck at PB under the age of 30 and RiRi only just made it in there.

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