Welcome to Infinite Arms! We are a no word count, character driven, AU Marauder Era roleplay set in the year 1981. No one is safe and no one side can claim to be innocent. The Dark Lord has recruited many to his cause, creatures of all types have been attacking citizens and with each passing month the murders and disappearances have increased. Albus Dumbledore is fighting back. He has recruited a select group of talented young witches and wizards to fight against the darkness that threatens the world--but will they be able to resist succumbing to darkness themselves?
MAY 1981
Warm days, cool nights
Full Moon: Tuesday 19

We’re having a fiesta! Or at least our beans are. This month we’ve got Tequila and Salt and maybe some other goodies coming down the track later this month.
As the world continues to descend into turmoil, the Ministry has declared a mandatory curfew for the whole of wizarding Britain. Stay safe out there, folks!

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 Bad things always happen to good people, TAG: LYRA
Othello Moore
 Posted: Feb 14 2018, 05:39 AM
Maybe when I'm done with thinking, you can think me whole
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Unemployment did not agree with him, Othello had decided quite quickly. It only took two days and he was going stir crazy, he'd cleaned the loft from top to bottom, washed all the dishes, glassware and cutlery by hand twice, rearranged his bookshelf and that didn't even take him up to the afternoon of the first day. The restlessness also didn't help that the Daily Prophet had arrived with the details of a murder all over and every instinct told him to go running towards the Ministry. Except that wasn't his place or position to anymore.

Unemployment was utterly horrible.

Diagon Alley had been closed on the first which meant his options of where and what to do to distract him from the restlessness was limited. Geillis was busy with her brother's wedding and he couldn't really bring himself to tell her about his new employment status or lack thereof one until after the wedding, he didn't want to take her focus away from her family. Thankfully the Alley was reopened on the second day of March and Othello was able to make a trip down there in one of the days following but as he was on the final approach to his destination of Flourish & Blotts he couldn't help but notice how people seemed to look down or look away not wanting to look at each other and definitely not the area that had been cordoned off as a murder scene in a time that could still be counted in hours. Had these people not being paying any attention lately or in the past few years? Missing people who returned but they weren't alive and the ones who did return never seemed completely whole. He wouldn't have been surprised if some people walked around with their eyes closed sometimes.

That was part of the reason he'd let his feet lead him down the familiar path to the bookstore in Diagon Alley, to check up on a certain young blonde shopgirl who he couldn't help being concerned about especially when something like this happened practically on the doorstep of her workplace. Lyra Bradley and her brother had been through enough, but it felt like the least he'd been able to do was check in even if he was no longer an Auror it didn't mean his concern for some of the people who he'd seen suffer just disappeared. As he pushed open the door, Othello's first thought was how empty it seemed to be; where there usually was people bustling about rushing to and from to pick up a book or ask a question but there was none of that but he did notice the blonde hair and the back of the head on the young woman he had been hoping to catch.

As he headed over in her direction, he made a point to clear his throat loud enough to get her attention on his approach, the last thing he wanted to do was give the poor girl a fright especially when it seemed like the whole wizarding world was caught in a bit of a fright. "Excuse me Miss Bradley, just wondering if I could bother you for a moment of your time?" Othello asked kindly as he came to a stop and gave her a friendly smile. "Is it just me or is it a bit quieter than usual or have I somehow picked the right time to drop in?"

He'd never seen the book store like this in his life, even when he was a little boy accompanying his father into the store it had always been full of people, noise and almost a sense of merriment but there was none of that today. For someone who loved books as much as he did, it was a very sad thing to see.

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